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Had a Lower Facelift and Neck Lift and Have Knots and a Pocket of Puss. Will it go Away?

I had a lower face lift and neck lift I have some big knots neck I had the surgery 3 weeks ago. drained blood and pus from my neck.We didn't notice the soft knot on... READ MORE

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I seen your after pictures,You look real pretty,Where did you find the doctor who corrected the surgery ? Was he here in Dallas Texas ? You have me frightened about our doctor. READ COMMENT

Are you better now ? I had great concern for you.You were pretty and looked young before you had surgery.Please let me know. READ COMMENT

Was the 2 pictures Greenblackpurple took after she had surgery? the first picture was pretty was it took before she had surgery when she was younger ? READ COMMENT

I have a low tolerance for pain.My face and neck are almost cleared up very little swelling and bruising. my ears still hurt.after reading all the horror stories,I am afraid to have any more surgery .I never knew so many things could... READ COMMENT

I love Doctor Jay Burns and Tara,He did two surgery's on my that make me look 20 years younger.I am 50.Dr.Burns and Tara are Christians They prayed for me and read the bible to me and lead me to the Lord,Tara came to my house free to... READ COMMENT