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Brachioplasty with Liposuction - Charlotte, NC

I have always had larger unporportionate arms. It's genetic. To just do liposuction would have yielded in more lax droopy skin. I opted to do the lift and suction. I am three days post-op and can already see a difference. I have not taken my compression garment off but even with the extra layers and swelling I can noticeably see a great result! Once I get my post op apt over in a few days ill... READ MORE

Forget SmartLipo, do traditional - Charlotte, NC

I wanted to sort of journal through my days of smart lipo. Yesterday I went to see Dr. Bruce Marko in Charlotte, NC for Smart Lipo of the upper/lower abdomen and love handles. I am in my upper 20’s. 5’1” tall. Doctor’s scale said I weighed 128, my home scale says 125. I do want to state, before I say anything else, that I did do research on him. I did not find any bad reviews... READ MORE

So Happy I Did This! - Charlotte, NC

I decided to have this procedure done because of the physical discomfort I was experiencing due to the extra eyelid skin. It felt like someone was pulling down on the inside of my eye balls. It a absolutely fixed the physical feeling and I have so much relief now. Also, I look great! I have had people tell me I don't look tired or depressed anymore. Some people cant tell what I had done but... READ MORE

Questions from seeingresults

Chipmunk Cheeks Even After Weight Loss. What Can You Recommend to Remove Cheek Fat?

I am 5'1" and I weight 103. I now have chipmunk cheeks. I weighed this all through high s & college. I went through some bad times and gained 30 pounds. I have always been... READ MORE

What is Going on with my Smart Lipo Results? They Are Reversing.

Smartlipo of the upper/lower abs & flanks.First 2days - noticable swelling. After it subsided to being unoticable. I never did bruise. 1 wk & 2 wks I took my garnments... READ MORE

Can I Do Coolsculpting If I Have Previously Had Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo and I have a good feeling when I hit the year mark, which is what my surgeon said it will take before final changes will be there, I will still have a small... READ MORE

I had surgery to go down a cup size and now my breasts are bigger than before, is this swelling and will it go down?

Please tell me I have a cup size of swelling that will go down farther along in the healing ..... went down from 360 moderate smooth round saline sub pectoral implants to... READ MORE

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I did. And I knew exactly what to expect. It turned out well I think. I'm one year lost op almost and I'm happy. I'm going to do an arm scar revision soon and it will make it nearly impossible to see once the revision heals. You can get... READ COMMENT

Glad you had good results. I can safely say it didn't work for me that way. Two years post initial procedure one year lost revision procedure and nothing changed. Not the way my clothes fit or nothing. READ COMMENT

Wish I would have known he was a rip off before I went there. Honestly it's been almost two years and I never did see real results. He re did the procedure and I looked at the canister and he barley got any fat out but I still have a... READ COMMENT

I continued to walk around and do whatever I wanted on day two of recovery. I even took my ATV out for a ride. Nothing crazy of course, just enjoying outside on a beautiful Saturday. Around bedtime I felt the muscle ache type feeling... READ COMMENT

I know this is an old thread but I was searching around mainly because I had smart lipo of the abs and flanks done three days ago. Every post I read people say how bad they are swollen or bruised or that they feel like a train hit them.... READ COMMENT