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I'm sorry this happened to you. Did he test spot you first? READ COMMENT

Nomesarah we do use lidocaine 23% ours is specialy compounded and we also ice prior to treatment. READ COMMENT

This hard for me to answer not know what kind of machine she used. Do you know what she was using? It all most sounds like a IRC and that isn't a Laser. I would give it time to heal because she most likely did cause some hypo... READ COMMENT

Jananj: There isn't a cream in the world that will remove your tattoo. The ink is in your dermis to deep for any cream to penetrate save your money! As far as pain I tell patients to put an ice pack directly on the tattoo for 20 min... READ COMMENT

Hi, Thank you for stressing "Certified" you do need to make sure its by a school and not the laser company. The laser companies only supply a day training and not 80 hours of didactic and laser safety officer class room education. If... READ COMMENT