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Here Are my Jowls/marrionette Lines. What Should I Do? and Which First? (photo)

Disliking this entire puffy area around my mouth. marrionette lines from corners down are present at rest, front/ side and with smile. my dads bulldog jowls creeping in! at 43,... READ MORE

Bad Dysport Reaction: Very Painful to Swallow, Impaired Speech, Head Pain. How Long Does Last? No Help from Doc.

Had small injection Dysport corners mouth. loved it initially. 2 weeks later: hard to swallow, swollen, sore, unable to form words, spit, eat, sore throat, feel fluy. went to... READ MORE

Hard Scar Tiss. 4 Yrs Post Tummy Tck, About to Have Recut Sept 25 to Restructure. Worried More Scar Tissue/dents? (photo)

This will be 2 surgery post original tummy tuck/lipo for hardened tissue. Entire R side of belly hard/on fire w/ neuralgia/nerve numbness, pain constant/passive [felt 24/7].... READ MORE

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I use these and they work. I've used them for years when I can afford to purchase They work for me consistantly. And while yes some of the sales reps may seem a bit pyramidy the product they sell is freaking amazing. I would recommend... READ COMMENT

I also use the it wraps and they are amazing. I put my wrap on then use plastic wrap to secure it then wiggle into a girdle and sleep in it. The wrap has a bit of a intense tingle when it's first on your skin. This is normal. I'm about... READ COMMENT

Sorry for the second comment..i wanted to ask if your doctor has explained to the t what he will be doing as part of your specific stomach reshaping? some docs are a bit vague about this. my stomach looked similar to yours. i had to... READ COMMENT

Im excited for you and i know you will be happier down the road once things settle after your surgery. i dont want to dampen your enthusiam but id like to add some realistic things to consider since you are traveling a long distance. i... READ COMMENT

Brilliant, AB normal. lets see, there are those who are born without sensititivy and then those who are just plain narrcisicts. people who cant step outside of their own immediate expereience to consider another view or a limitation... READ COMMENT