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Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Financing

Based on what others say here, a mommy makeover can be very expensive. Do all doctors that offer mommy makeovers provide financing options? Will they agree to payment... READ MORE

Breast Implants Inserted by Belly Button

I saw that a doctor on realself says belly button insertion of breast implants is a bad idea. Do other doctors agree with this conclusion? Are there times when it makes sense... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation X Ray

Can I still get chest x ray after breast augmentation? If not, what's the alternative approach? READ MORE

Chin Implants Sizes

Could you help me understand the sizing system for chin implants? My wife had breast aug and it was really simple to understand sizing in that case. I can't find a guide... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Causes and Symptoms

How do you know If large breasts on a man are "gynocomastia" or some other problem? Is it just from being obese/being fat? READ MORE

No Cesarean Complications, Expect Same with Tummy Tuck?

I am very nervous about being put under as this is my first major surgery besides my cesarean. I am in good health with no concerns except for mitral valve prolapse or a slight... READ MORE

Same Day Breast Augmentation in Tijuana

Does this video bother the experts on realself as much as it did for me? How does she get aftercare should she need it that night? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Surgery Video

I saw that doctors can post videos in the answers to questions. i'd love to see a video showing breast augmentation, all the detail, I can handle it!  -- Alicia READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Under the Arm

Considering getting a BA under the arm...woried about the incision causing damage to lymph nodes as well as swelling. do you recommend altenitives for incision than under the arm? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Questions to Ask

I found a long list of questions to ask during a Breast Augmentation consult. Do you agree these are good? Any missing? Some to skip? Are you certified by the American... READ MORE

Liposuction Vacuum

Watched a video showing liposuction where the doc appeared to use a vacuum maching to suck out the fat. Is this what I can expct if I under go surgery? Looked to me that its... READ MORE

Liposuction Dangers

I thank doctors on here for being very honest about the risk of surgery with a the wrong doctor. Can you please provide me with a list of dangers that one faces even if you... READ MORE

New Dubai Laser Hair Removal and IPL Regulation

Can you explain why Dubai has a new law that requires those who get laser treatment for removal of unwanted hair must undergo a complete physical and clinical exams prior to... READ MORE

Elure Skin Lightening Cream Work?

My doctor said I should use Elure to lighten some dark skin spots. Are you familiar with this product? Does it work for all skin types? Do you consider it safer than other fade... READ MORE

Lassus Vertical Breast Lift

Have you ever performed the technique called "Lassus Vertical" for breast lifting? Were the results superior to other lifting techniques? Are the scars just as... READ MORE

Press Opp: Lauren Scruggs Recovery: Typical Results?

Lauren Scruggs' gave her first interview since she ran into the airplane propeller. How do these results rank among reconstructive surgery? And what is the average recovery... READ MORE

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Seattle lifestyle lift discussion

Discussion for those in Seattle, Tacoma, or Bellevue considering a Lifestyle lift. Feel free to share your Seattle lifestyle lift experiences , consultation information, and... READ MORE

Detroit lifestyle lift discussion

Comments and questions about Detroit lifestyle lift can be posted under this thread. Thanks! READ MORE

Is Alli weight loss program worth it?

Seeing Alli weight loss program for sale everywhere i shop, incl the grocery store. The alli website says it's 50 percent better than dieting, whatever that means...is ali... READ MORE

Discuss 750cc enough

Feel free to add your comments or opinions to discuss READ MORE

Discuss Tummy Tuck or belly button surgery

Feel free to add your opinion, comments, or thoughts about the post Tummy Tuck or Belly button surgery READ MORE

Botox treatment with Dental Vibe looks scary!

Check out at 0:55 into this video.  Almost can hear her say "yikes" READ MORE

17 Questions To Ask at a Breast Implant Consultation

Here are 17 suggested questions to ask during your breast augmentation consultation...feel free to add additional questions as comments How many years of plastic... READ MORE

Acne Myths - Do you Agree with These?

Acne myths Let's start with the myths. We collected these from beauty experts, researching the web, and reading various respectable publications. If you have suggestions for... READ MORE

At Home Microdermabrasion vs. Going to a Pro

Does anyone disagree with this comparison?     In-office Microdermabrasion At home... READ MORE

Asian Skin Sensitivity

The envy of most — Asian skin appears flawless. But most Asian women aren't born with an impeccable fair complexion. It takes meticulous work. "Asian skin looks... READ MORE

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You'd be surprised how many people refinance or take out loans to perform these procedures! The median income of those opting for plastic surgery is less than most people think. But, good point - calling it the "norm" may be getting... READ COMMENT

According to doctor responses, pigmentation is likely. Here's what Dr. Scott Trimas had to say, "Generally speaking, laser tattoo removal does not result in scar formation. However, invariably, there is some loss of pigmentation... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing Wrigs21! It's definitely interesting how one's environment can affect lifestyle choices or cosmetic surgery decisions. READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing, OJDS! Patients have shared some great experiences and results after treatments in Korea. READ COMMENT

The link has been updated! Thank you for catching that - because the ratings update in real time they can change daily, but we've updated it to reflect the current 75% rating. READ COMMENT