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Swelling After Under Eyelid Surgery - London, England

I had lower eyelid surgery a on the 9th may 2012.during the surgery, i had fat repositioned to tear troughs also malar bags removed. the incision is right under my eyelash towards end of the eye which is healing well so far. day after surgery my left eye was more bruised and swollen. but right eye looked just swollen no bruised. on the 5th day stiches removed and dr, put plaster only and asked... READ MORE

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Tear Trough Hollows Appear Worse After Lower Bleph, No Results With Lip Lift; What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi, i had lower eyelid surgery 6 weeks ago. my doctor repositioned the fat and remove the excess skin also treated festoons. as the swelling gone down my tear trough hollows... READ MORE

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Hi, I hope you will be happy with your surgery. To be honest, it didn't work for me.:-( I still have hollows, still have malar bags, so it was just waste of money and time. Maybe I was just unlucky. I really hope that you will be happy.... READ COMMENT

Hi hohey, your lip lift looks perfect, i hope your recovery going well. i would like to know if you are still happy with the result and how is the scar looking like so far? could you please share your your healing progress with us? :-) READ COMMENT

Hi, shebby, i would like to know if everything is ok with your lip lift, would you mind to send picture of your lip lift for me please? also how much did you pay? thanks so much. READ COMMENT

Hi eveyone, i had bullhorn together internal lip lift 4 weeks ago. unfortunately surgeon removed only 3mm. of skin which is not enough at all. i have still no teeth show. and still swollen from inside the lip. i'm very depressed. he... READ COMMENT