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I’m Searching For A Skilled Eyelid Surgeon in the USA That Uses the Arcus Marginalis Release Technique, Any Recommendations?

I'm from italy ,24 years old and have very pronounced eyebags and tear troughs.I think that transc. fat repositioning would work very well for me but here (believe it or not)... READ MORE

Is a Canthopexy Necessary when Perfoming Arcus Marginalis Release Procedure?

I saw a surgeon yesterday that suggested transconjunctival fat repositioning (AMR) for my hereditary eye bags and tear toughs (i'm 24). He would also perform a canthopexy, but... READ MORE

How Much Skin Aging is Caused by Sun Exposure Vs Intrinsic/chronological Aging?

Everyone knows that the sun is a major cause of skin aging ,but how much (in terms of %) is really due to sun exposure (photoaging) and how much is just the result of... READ MORE

What Are the Risks and Long Term Results of a Blepharoplasty with Fat Repositioning?

I'm considering a transconjunctival bleph with fat repositioning (arcus marginalis release), but I've read that this is a risky procedure(has more potential complications)... READ MORE

How Does Fraxel Laser Cause Skin Aging?

I had 2 years ago a single session of fraxel restore under my eyes.The dermatologist performed correctly my procedure and did not use high settings(35 mj/ 3 passes)... READ MORE

What’s the Difference Between Hamra’s “arcus Marginalis Release” and Raul Loeb’s Technique?

Loeb has been in 1981 the first surgeon to describe fat repositioning in bleph.with his paper “fat pad sliding and fat grafting for leveling lid depressions.Clin Plast Surg 8... READ MORE

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Is he a plastic surgeon? If yes, I would definetely consider him for fat grafting....but I would absolutely also consult with a dermatologist for your skin issues READ COMMENT

I forgot to say that I actually tried to organize the petition but only very few people (like aimhigher) wanted to help me to organize this. The problem is, that I do not live in the USA and that my english is not good enough to... READ COMMENT

I want to add. that as long as you are red you have to stay out from the sun and avoid everything that could irritate your skin and cause a flare up of your redness. The best way to cover redness is to use a GREEN concealer. I would... READ COMMENT

I took a look at you pics and this is what I think: 1) I don't see the fat loss issue, but if you are complaining hollowness you can choose between fillers (like hyaluronic acid) or fat grafting (that has the potential to be permanent).... READ COMMENT

Hi aimhigher, how are you? Did you have your consultation with Dr. Baker? Which surgeon are you going to choose? At the end I'm not going to have my eyelid surgery now (but in the future) and prefering to have some fillers (HA) for my... READ COMMENT