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Dr. Day, you refer to the well documented data in medical journals which shows the safety and efficacy of liposuction. Regarding safety, I know that most patients survive the surgery, but I think people here are referring to *long-term*... READ COMMENT

Dr. Anthony Atala who is a pioneer in tissue/organ regeneration says in this article that "most cell types can be grown and expanded outside the body, with the exception of liver, nerve and pancreas. For those we need stem cell... READ COMMENT

Julia, So the linked article says that a transplant runs anywhere from 1/4 of a million dollars to over a million dollars. I have two points to make on this: 1) The US medical prices are totally inflated. I would be that the costs in... READ COMMENT

Here's an interesting article on fat transplantation done on mice. It's called "Transplanting fat may be effective treatment for metabolic disease". And here's the link: http://medicalxpress... READ COMMENT

And I'm glad you're asking and can still maintain some idealism! I know we'll get there eventually. I appreciate your attitude and determination!!! Rose READ COMMENT