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Is There Any Way to Make Your Double Lid Smaller with Either a Procedure or Surgery? (photo)

I was just wondering...If you can't get surgery to give you a monolid without messing up the look of your eyes, is there any way you can make your lid smaller, and the overall... READ MORE

If We All Have the Same Sized Eyeball, Why Can't People with a Double Lid Have a Monolid? Can Someone Please Explain In-depth?

I really wanna know how you can't just take the crease and pull it down or up through surgery to modify the shape of it. I mean, I've read another article about a girl... READ MORE

Is Sepiwhite an Effective Product for Skin Lightening?

This is a link for a facial lightening/whitening cream I was planning on buying, along with one for whole body; I was wondering if these products are effective for ALL skin... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Lighten Your Skin in a Subtle Way, Without Being Completely White?

I have medium brown skin, and I was just wondering if you can lighten your skin by 2 shades with something that doesn't require you to go to the dermatologist, like a peel or... READ MORE

Is there any way to make an eye more narrow permanently through procedure? (photos)

A procedure in which it is possible to extend the length of the eyelid to receive the end result of an "almond eye" or more commonly shaped Asian eye. I don't have a big... READ MORE

Can an surgeon who knows the anatomy of the Asian eye (monolid) well let me know about types of eyelid surgeries? (photo)

I'm genuinely interested in changing my eyelid, as I have an eyelid crease and my desired look doesn't. I think monolids are beautiful, and would love to be able to obtain some... READ MORE

Can I go from a double eyelid to a monolid with surgery?

I have searched for ways to go from a double eyelid to a monolid with surgery, but cannot find information on procedures that can be performed. One source I've discovered is an... READ MORE