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My Neck is Destroyed - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Diamond performed a neck lift surgery on me and my neck is now completely destroyed. Not sure what went wrong. He was supposed to tighten my neck but I end up with something really horrible, so much worse than what I had before surgery with him. Maybe the sutures he did broke down and now it's like I have four necks, from each angle my neck is now just horrible. Dr. Diamond charged me... READ MORE

Questions from allfake

Is It Possible to Lift Slightly Saggy Jowls with Radiesse Injected in the Cheeks?

I am only 29 yo and I am scared to perform already a mid-face lift, even though I have seen amazing results on women on their forties...their jowls disappeared and their face... READ MORE

What Are the Most Recommended Procedures for Achieving a More Triangular/fuller/rounder Face Shape? (photo)

In patients with a biological age of only 31 yo? I used to have a beautiful face shape when I was a little girl, but I grew into a longer and skinnier face right after... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Unfold the Red Portion of the Corner of The Lips with Fillers Injections?

And avoid surgery which is always more invasive and more unpredictable? all the red portion of the corner of my mouth is "inside" the mouth and needs to come out in order to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Perform a Lip Suspension or Lip Lift Without Cutting the Columella?

I already have couple of cuts on the columella from previous and multiple surgeries on the nose. I was reading on the Internet that there is a procedure called lip suspension... READ MORE

Does Injecting the Cheeks with 2-4 Vials of Fillers Cause Skin Sagging and Volume Loss Once the Material is Reabsorbed?

I would like more volume in the cheeks but I don't want to create a filler-dependence, meaning that once I create that volume, in a few months I will be worse than what I... READ MORE

Do Doctors Have Experience with the Filler Esthelis?

Has it been approved in the US? And if so, why it hasn't take off? Why no one is using it? How is it different from restylane and juvederm? READ MORE

Is There Any Plastic Surgeon in LA Who Sees Patients on Week-ends?

I am going crazy finding a doctor who would agree to see me either after 6pm or on a saturday in the los angeles area. How is it even possible that everyone has the ability to... READ MORE

Are injecting devices becoming more useful?

Especially when it comes to inject volumizing fillers with a micro cannula? READ MORE

Is it true that lingual Braces are not indicated for roots movements?

I new a few more mm between my teeth and roots to fit an implant but cannot wear any visible braces according to my peculiar employment contract. Is it true invisalign and... READ MORE

How do I know if all attachments are needed? Dentist got me 26 aligners and put 2 attachments on each front tooth. (photo)

Before ordering the aligners dentist did not show me any anticipation of the final outcome. I am at aligner number 6 and again the front teeth that have both two attachments... READ MORE

Is it better to keep Invisalign attachments or to remove them and re-do everything- to have periodontal disease treated?

At invisalign tray number 7 the pain I was experiencing that I thought was due to teeth moving turned out to be periodontal disease(4-5-6mm pockets). Perio says removing... READ MORE

Is it normal to bond custom made lingual braces almost 6 months after impressions and after many treatments were done?

I had a device in my mouth that kept in place a pontic with a wire.Ortho took impressions with that pontic on.After,I had emergency extraction,bone graft etc. to cure perio... READ MORE

Is it okay to bond custom made braces after 6 months from when impressions were taken and after extraction, bone graft, etc?

What are the guidelines to bond custom made braces? Is there a deadline? And if not, do extractions and periodontal disease affect the bonding since the brackets were made... READ MORE

Recent comments from allfake

Thank you...I wish I consulted with other surgeons before...I wish stupid TV shows didn't make me believe Dr. Jason Diamond was the "best" in's so ridiculous the hype they create...just so they can scam clueless patients... READ COMMENT

Oh my God. You are SOOOO LUCKY. Happy for you. Dr. Diamond absolutely refuses to refund me. Not only that, it's been weeks now that he has been ignoring me completely...I am his patient, can you imagine?! He doesn't even want to give me... READ COMMENT

Thank's very painful as it is, ....imagine on top of that spending $20K on this extra botched surgery, plus plane tickets and crazy expensive fraudulent-unlicensed after care facilities that Dr. Diamond also forces you to go... READ COMMENT

Contact an attorney immediately!!!!! Don't do the same mistake I did!!!! I contacted Dr. Diamond first and he made believe he was going to do everything he could to make sure I was happy, including a refund, he did that for months!!!... READ COMMENT

So sorry girl. I so totally get it....maybe try arbitration instead of an expensive jury trial and definitely file a complaint with the medical board! READ COMMENT