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Too Tight to Get in by Self. Is Garment Too Tight?

Abdominal Lipo. if my garment is so tight it takes 2 other people to tug and pull to get it on me, is that too tight? I cannot get this thing on by myself. from the charts i... READ MORE

Does 3 Liters of Fat off Body Look Like the Same Volume of 3 Liters of Liquid in a Bottle?

I had 3 L taken off my abdomen. supposedly. It looks a tiny bit smaller, but the over all size of my abdomen did not change much. I imagined 3 L of liquid in a bottle and held... READ MORE

Sleep Position After Surgery?

I am considering having 2 procedures at once to save time. Lipo of the hips and tummy tuck. I prefer to sleep on my side or stomach. On back is not that comfortable as I have... READ MORE

What Volume is Actually Fat in the Waste Container?

I was initially told I would be injected with 500 cc of tumescent solution, and that 2.5 liters of fat would be removed. I am looking at the anesthesiologist records, and it... READ MORE

Is 3 L of Fat Removed Equivalent to a Drop in Dress Size?

Or how do you know your liposuction is a success? How do we know if there is just "some change" or a significant change, if 3 L is removed? abdominal area, or hip area. thank you READ MORE

Post Op Affect of Tummy Tuck on Arms and Lifting?

I was told to bring a button down blouse to the hospital, as it would be easier to put on. Does this mean that I would not be able to lift a garment over my head, as in pull... READ MORE

Bleeding After Extensive Tummy Tuck with Lipo of the Hips?

I want to rent a recliner to rest in. The cloth covered recliner is wider and softer. 26 inches so I can wiggle around and sleep in it. the vinyl covered one is just 22 inches,... READ MORE

Infected Suture or Breach? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck about 3 weeks ago. I have found this wound on the suture line. about 1/2 inch long, about 1/4 inch deep Is it infected, or is it a broken suture with raw... READ MORE

Is Tumescent Solution Part of the "Fat" in the Container, or is It Removed Before Aspiration?

If 2000 ml of tumescent solution is injected into the abdomen, is it aspirated out BEFORE the laser lipo begins, or is it present as the laser is used, and pulled out along... READ MORE

Extensive Abdominoplasty - Recovery More Than 3 Months?

I had surgery 3 1/2 months ago. I thought recovery would be after several weeks, not months. Drainage tubes in for 3 weeks. My abdomen feels like a cinder block, and my best... READ MORE

Recovery for older female with high BMI?

Tried to lose weight but unsuccessful. exercise hard because of orthopedic issues. I am waiting to see if BCBS even approves me. 63 yo. BMI 40. surgeon suggested it. if this... READ MORE

Breast Reduction (BR): Recovery for older female with high BMI?

Tried to lose weight but unsuccessful. exercise hard because of orthopedic issues. 63 yo. BMI 40. surgeon suggested it. what kind of recovery issues will I have? total recovery... READ MORE

Muscle spasms over one year after tummy tuck? What is wrong?

My abdomen has a lot of pressure in it and I feel as tight as a woman 9 months pregnant. If I sit in a position too long, or for no reason at all, I get strong muscle spasm... READ MORE

wound healing (ulcer on suture line) after breast reduction going too slow. Use NuSkin to sea the wound?

PS is out of town so I have to ask someone else. ulcer under breast for 2 months.....very slow, because it is in a fold where the breast bottom rubs against the abdomen. at the... READ MORE

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Can Someone Show Pictures of What an Abdomen Looks Like After 3 Liters (2.5 Fat, 0.5 Solution) is Removed?

I need something to compare to what I look like. Also if you have pictures about 1-2 weeks post op, and then later on that would help. There are pictures on the internet, pre... READ MORE

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Ok. I thought of that. what is PM? READ COMMENT

Contact me. I want to know if you had the same doctor I had. My info READ COMMENT

Contact me. I want to know if you had the same doctor I had. READ COMMENT

Can you give the people above my contact info? I had a similar experience with a doctor there that produces no results. READ COMMENT

My primary said to ask for my money back...but it does not mean this would work. the lipo doctor tells me I look "wonderful",,, she will not admit anything and has a group of men behind her in the office, who are all benefiting from... READ COMMENT