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A patients photo's are part of the medical chart and covered under the HIPPA Law. Antyhing done or discussed in the doctor's office is covered under this law. READ COMMENT

Showing a patients photos is not going to change the outcome of anyones procedure since every patients case is different as each patient is effected differently. Also it's a HIPPA violation, if to post any patients picture without their... READ COMMENT

FYI: as of this year sbmi changed their protocol and are no longer guaranteeing the three inch loss. we used to give pt's a free round (6 treatments more) if they were under the 3in loss but this had to be ok'd by SBMI. now, they are... READ COMMENT

The reason there is no guarantee is b/c the zerona company, sbmi, did away with the 3 inch guarantee. Only the manufacturer of the zerona product guaranteed the three inch loss. our doctors, medical assistants and myself (lpn) all have... READ COMMENT