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Excellent, Attentive, Professional Surgeon!!

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Phenol Peel

22 Apr 2017, Created 3 days ago

Richard H. Bensimon, MD

5 out of 5 stars

57 years old and had a Bensipeel. I can't express enough to others how Well all of this was arranged by his staff, every aspect was taken care of. Dr. Bensimon is a true professional, his attentiveness to my wishes and my concerns, his absolute wonderful expertise. He has turned back the clock for my skin, my skin is of a 30 year olds. I highly recommend Dr and his staff, they will take care... READ MORE

Facelift with Dr. Quiroz, Mexico

Well hi everyone, I've been talking with a few women who have been to Dr. Quiroz in Mexico, following their stories and their post transformation and I have finally jumped in. I am schedualed to have a face/necklift, Rhinoplasty, browlift and upper lip dermabrasion on the 23rd of this month. Just 10 days away. I am turning 53 in October, a grand mother of 5 little girls, married to a wonderful... READ MORE

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Ok, good to know. I have done the Jessners and then 25 percent peels at home on my own and I really had no idea on the wait time, so I think I am going to do another before it gets too sunny out. I bought a 35 percent TCA to do with the... READ COMMENT

D, Question for you. Is it ok for another 25 percent full face only after 4 weeks? I am wondering about the turn over of the new skin with healing. Patty READ COMMENT

Hello, I follow your peeling process when you do them because I myself also highly believe in peels as I know they are very good for your skin and helps with the aging. It looks to me as you will be pleased with the outcome of your... READ COMMENT

You look great! You took off 10 years easily. Your surgeon did a very nice job, except for the hairline scars you can't tell that you had anything done from what your photos show, which is what you want, very ice, natural, youthful look... READ COMMENT

Oh my gosh! It just looks to me like you are going to have just fantastic results. You can tell by looking at your face already the change, I think you look great for so early on. I really do think you will be happy with the results. Be... READ COMMENT