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Can You Use An Electric ToothBrush On Veneers and Crowns?

I have porcelain veneers (4) top and a few crowns - can I an electric toothbrush? The rotary type. Last dentist said try it and see what happens. This new dentist said - if you... READ MORE

Teeth sensitivity - what is the real cure for this?

On &off for a few years have sensitivity in upper rt frt 3 teeth.1 have porc laminates,other a crown w/root canal. All done over 15 yrs ago. But now& then sensitive-not... READ MORE

What is Bacterial Microleakage? I Have Occasional Sensitivity.

I occasionally have some sensitivity. Not to bite,or temp. ACT rinse and Sensodyne diminish it.Area: #1 veneer,#2 root canal with gold post and crown, #3 veneer. Perio said it... READ MORE

Can A Cavity Be Filled With A Veneer On It?

Have a veneer on my upper rt eye tooth #3- tooth has alot of bonding filling.Noticed today between this tooth a small brown stain at the upper part near the gumline-hard to... READ MORE

Can A Cavity Be Reversed Naturally?

Read so many studies that a small cavity can heal itself and decay gone by remineralization using fluoride and xylitol. Is this true? Can you actually heal a cavity by this... READ MORE

How much tooth structure is needed for a crown on a molar?

Lower left wisdom tooth w/large amalgam filling w/3 sides of tooth structure left - the outer tooth structure 'formed' w/ amalgam 20+ years-broke off.Dentist said he can crown... READ MORE