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First Time Voluma

I went to a doctor who had given me very good Botox in the past. While getting the Botox, I showed her an indentation on my face that I had from sleeping. She suggested voluma which she had on special would help. Like an idiot, I trusted her and got the voluma. It's been a nightmare ever since. I will NEVER try fillers again. I had one round of hyalurondase to dissolve it. Of course I will... READ MORE

Dr. Patel Made my Nasolabials Look Normal Again After Somebody else at a Shady Med Spa Gave Me Awful Juvederm Injections

My review is for both Dr. Patel and Nurse Carey. Long story short, I trusted a medspa in Naperville to give me Juvederm on a whim. They did a terrible job, both in the amount they injected, the location, and the pattern. I am 28 and noticed my lines were started to look more deep than a few years ago. I just wanted to feel good and wasn't expecting such a nightmare at this medspa. It was my... READ MORE

Juvederm Nightmare at MedSpa of Horrors! Need Hyaluronidase Fast!!! - Naperville, IL

I want to die!!! I made the awful mistake of going to a medspa. I know I know! Soooooo dumb. This place also has a BBB rating of F and are part of bait and switch scams. New Body Care & Spa (formerly known as Advanced Laser Institute of Illinois) Anyway, the injector who claims to be a nurse convinced me to do nasolabial folds. She injected one whole syringe. I told her maybe the cheeks... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Mentally and Physically Draining Experience

When I was about 15, I was punched in the face by a 20 year old girl. Traumatic experience. Not only did I have blood gushing down from my face, but it was coming up like a water fountain. I guess my nose never healed properly after that because I had a deviated septum. I always talked through my nose, I would breath through my mouth or just one nostril, and I felt that my nose looked broader... READ MORE

Questions from MissIllinois2009

Small and Asymmetric Nose After Rhinoplasty

I had closed Rhinoplasty yesterday. I stayed in the hospital overnight. My doctor was an ENT with over 30 years experience. Now, I am freaking out. My eyes are so dark and so... READ MORE

Darkness Under Eyes After Closed Rhinoplasty

I pretty much looked like I had been hit by a car after Rhinoplasty. Anyway, the black eyes have gone away but I still notice darkness under my eyes. I never had this before... READ MORE

What can I do for nasolabial folds aside for fillers?

Is there anything I can do to get rid of deep nasolabial folds aside from a filler or surgery? I am only 26, but because I am in law school and I have gone through many... READ MORE

What should I do for nasolabial folds that are a result from lack of sleep? (photos)

Hi, I asked this question before now I am adding pictures. I am 26. I have suffered from extreme insomnia the past year because of stress and law school. My eyes have always... READ MORE

Is it normal to inject Juvederm in nasolabial folds without doing the cheeks too?

I am 28. I started noticing lines a few years ago. Anyway, I decided to get some Juvederm. She only injected 1 syringe in nasolabial folds. She didn't think I needed cheeks yet... READ MORE

Do my nasolabial folds look overfilled? Would you recommend using something to dissolve the Juvederm? (Photos)

I feel I have monkey mouth now. I don't think my injector was that experienced. Btw, I had the injections done yesterday. I didn't have deep lines to begin with and she used... READ MORE

Are there doctors who will be willing to dissolve my Juvederm even if they didn't inject it?

I was scammed by a med shop of horrors in a bait and switch scam. Inexperienced nurse and there was no physician on site. I have learned my lesson. This med spa are not... READ MORE

Can lines appear worse from Voluma and will there be asymmetry if doctor did not use measuring device before injecting? (Photo)

My whole life I always fell asleep on one side of my face. This led to a line on my cheek. I am now 29 and it was looking deep. I went to a doctor who had given me very good... READ MORE

How do I know the Voluma used on me was real?

My mom was with me and says she seen the voluma box, but I don't recall. The doctor is listed as a physician under Brilliant Distinctions. However, I have yet to get my points.... READ MORE

Voluma pushing nose cartilage in and I can't breathe, should I go to ER and can they dissolve it for me?

My doctor will not see me until Thursday. She is insisting on waiting two weeks from the time of injection before deciding what to do. I can't take this anymore! I want it... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in Chicagoland area experienced at dissolving Voluma?

I have lost confidence in my injector. She just doesn't want to admit her filler job was not good. I'm nearly 3 weeks in and still unhappy. It made me look worse. Even if I... READ MORE

How much hyaluronidase to remove half a syringe of Voluma from each cheek?

So far I have had one treatment of hyaluronidase to remove voluma. I just want my old face back. I already see it almost close to normal, but still a little too much volume and... READ MORE

Can voluma travel through your face if you dissolve it?

I got one round of hyalurondaise a few weeks ago. Now I feel I have extra volume in my mid face. Could the voluma have traveled down into my mid face when it was dissolved? Or... READ MORE

Recent comments from MissIllinois2009

Thanks for the support. It really comforts me the most to have other people to connect with on here. I think the main reason I'm nervous is because I will be meeting up with this guy in August and he really only knows my pre filler look... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much. You are so sweet. Hope you end up loving your results :-) READ COMMENT

The swelling freaked me out. Voluma swells more than other fillers. A little of the product also goes a long way. READ COMMENT

Sorry for this late reply, but I just seen this now. I have had hyaluronidase injected twice and I never seen any tissue damage. Just my old face back immediately. I think the people who claim tissue damage just don't recall what their... READ COMMENT

Thank you Ruth! My name is Celina though. Stephanie is the name of the awful "nurse" who injected me at the medspa of horrors. Anyway, nice to meet you :) READ COMMENT