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The second treatment felt worse than the first, It is in the blistering stage now and i feel the stinging. Im not sure if I can do it again. I will get the numbing cream for sure. READ COMMENT

My wings are in the center of my back, right between the shoulder blades. I just had my second session. I cried like a baby for at least an hour. Next time I will use the numbing cream, the doctor told me that the numbing cream reduced... READ COMMENT

I was mistaken about the fading, it was just burned.. and it appeared very light when the scab came off, but after that it was almost like the original tattoo. READ COMMENT

I go for my second session on the 28th and I am dreading the pain. Although the procedure last only minutes, the pain last for hours. I really didn't notice much fading the first session, but after reading this blog, Im hopeful. Keep... READ COMMENT

Update on my wings gone wrong, It started peeling and almost all the color is gone. All that is left is the black outline. I was surprised, so I hope it won't take all 6 sessions to be completely gone. Also, I am worried about scaring.... READ COMMENT