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Ultherapy - Palo Alto, CA

Hi have had Ultherapy a couple of times awhile back (I'm 43) and just had it done again. I have to say it matters WHO does it more than anything. I had "ok" results the first couple of times but this last time I went to someone new and she did an AMAZING job. I wish I had gone to her in the first place. Highly recommend it and it seriously works well on me. I feel like more aggressive... READ MORE

Titan on Face and Neck

The treatment was fine but I'm more concerned that I was unknowingly pregnant at the time. My concern for the health of my fetus outweighs anything now.I just recently had Titan and laser genesis (1 treatment each) to my face and neck I didn't know I was 7.5 weeks pregnant at the time. No numbing cream was used...or any meds. Have I potentially harmed my unborn child? READ MORE

Perlane Combined with Accent XL and Thermage

Restylane and Perlane is fantastic and works really well for me. I also have an expert injector in Palo Alto that is amazing. Its the skill of the physician that is of paramount importance in my opinion. I have had Restylane injected by different MD's with mediocre results and it does make a difference who does the work.I am currently receiving Accent XL treatments and I just had Perlane... READ MORE

So Far I'm Really Happy - Silicon Valley, CA

I've now had 2 treatments: 1 Active with a little bit of Deep FX all over my face, neck, chest and under eyes and had fair results. 2 months after my first treatment I had Deep FX. The first time the settings were conservative upon my request. The second time I had just the Deep FX...and WOW the tightening is very apparent. Its only day 5 after the procedure so perhaps some of the... READ MORE

Love Restylane, Botox

I have been getting restylane, Collagen (before Restylane came out), and botox injectables for almost 10 years now. Skilled MDs need to perform the injection for it to work well obviously, but I have had great luck with a few different doctors as the ones that I trust. Do your research, and don't go just go because a doctor has a "deal". Its important to know your doctor and get... READ MORE

Botox is Fantastic! Love, Love Love It. It Makes my Forehead Smooth

Love, love, love has smoothed out my forehead and crows feet. It just needs to be done on a consistent basis for it to weaken the muscles I think. It worked well for me. Taking care of your skin with other things seems to be important as an Green Cream (Retinol), Skinceuticals line, Jan Marini etc...and SUNSCREEN! READ MORE

Questions from Anonymous73

Best Post-op Skincare Products for Maintaining Laser Resurfacing Results?

There are so many skincare products available, and it's hard to know what to chose. I'm looking to maintain the great results from my Fractional ablative CO2 resurfacing, and... READ MORE

Effective Settings for Active FX and Deep FX or Total FX?

Can someone please explain the settings that are used for Active FX and Deep FX? My MD used 17 mJ at a density of 1 (size 7) for my neck and 22.5 mJ at a density of 2 (size 5)... READ MORE

Getting Accent XL and Thermage After Perlane Injection?

I am currently receiving Accent XL treatments and I just had Perlane injected into my jawline. I am due for another Accent XL treatment in 5 days but secondary to the Perlane... READ MORE

Recommendation for Titan Laser Specialist in Palo Alto or San Jose?

Can someone recommend a Titan Laser specialist in Palo Alto/San Jose area? Looking for a practitioner that gives excellent Titan laser treatments. READ MORE

Will There Ever Be Alternatives to Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift?

Will there ever be an alternative to surgical intervention for minor neck skin tightening and jowl reduction? One that works consistently?It seems with all the advances that... READ MORE

How to Avoid Freakish Results from Facelifts

So many celebrities have had facelifts or eye jobs done. The result is that they look like different (odd) persons post-procedure. For example: Rose McGowan, Melanie Griffith,... READ MORE

Topical Retinoids During Pregnancy

I have been using a high potency retinoid cream called Green Cream for 3 years now. I am in my early weeks of pregnancy and am concerned that there is a build up of Retinol... READ MORE

What Skin Care Products Are Safe During Pregnancy?

I have some concerns about skin care during pregnancy: WHY exactly are skin tightening procedures and/or dermal fillers NOT done to the face and neck during pregnancy? Even... READ MORE

Immediate Treatment of Neck Wrinkles on Pregnant Woman?

I'm a 40 year old pregnant woman. I feel I have a wrinkling neck and apparently so do all the plastic surgeons I consulted with.Many people I come across are shocked when I... READ MORE

Is Refirme During Pregnancy Safe?

I am wondering if Refirme during the second trimester of pregnancy is safe? My OB read the literature on it and approved its treatment during my pregnancy. Just wanting opinions. READ MORE

Is a Tummy Tuck Inevitable After Two Pregnancies?

Is it possible to regain a flat stomach after a second child without surgery? I am currently 7 mo. pregnant my child 2nd child. Had my 1st 4 years ago and went back to my... READ MORE

Husband Against Plastic Surgery Unless Its for Reconstructive Purposes. How Do I Convince Him?

I have some premature aging in my neck and am ready for a neck lift. My husband is very much against it and feels that besides thinking I don't need it, plastic surgery... READ MORE

Best Laser for Improvement of Skin Quality on Neck?

I would like type and brand recs please. Co2, fraxel, ablative fractional... Mixto vs total fx...too many choices. Help? READ MORE

Neck Rejuvenation - is There Really Nothing Short of Surgery?

I understand most MDs feel that no nonsurgical procedures will rejuvenate the neck appreciably but a lower facelift or neck lift. That said, with small 2 children (2 & 6)... READ MORE

Accident with Latisse and Afraid my Eye Color Will Change?

I was putting Latisse on my eyebrow and a full drop of it went directly into my green eye. I'm terrified this one drop will change the color of my eye. Can one drop change your... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Horror Stories on Real Self?

Hi there, So, there seems to be an ample number of Fraxel Restore horror stories from unhappy patients... especially on this particular site. Is Fraxel Restore really that... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on Thin Person?

Hello, can a slim lipo neck lift be performed on a neck that is relatively thin? meaning, there isn't a lot of fat. just small small amount of loose skin? not ready for a face... READ MORE

Why is the Recovery After a Head/neck Procedure (E.g. Neck Lift) Supposedly Faster when Performed Under Local Anesthetic?

I have been told that recovery following a procedure (neck lift for instance) done under local anesthetic or light sedation is faster than one done under general? If that is... READ MORE

Tazorac Flakiness. Looks Terrible With Sunscreen/Makeup. Any Tips?

Hey there, I am using Tazorac cream .1% for wrinkles and really like it with one exception...flakiness around nose, mouth and chin. I use cream under and over it, and have also... READ MORE

Recent comments from Anonymous73

I'm not upset or bothered by you comment. Just being "matter of fact" because I don't really have much to say except that the third time worked well and it matters who does it. Thanks. READ COMMENT

It was more than ok the first two times. I just gave it one more shot. I don't feel like I should have to explain myself. I prefer to not have any surgery on my neck because at this point in my life its just not feasible. This is the... READ COMMENT

Who was the doctor? READ COMMENT

Would you mind revealing who your MD was? I live near PA in Mountain view and would like to know who did both injections so I can avoid the same problem. You can email me privately if you don't mind. Thanks! READ COMMENT

I'm not a doctor so I can't answer your question about shrinkage but I decided not to do Thermage. READ COMMENT