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Not Sure - Ontario, ON

I had a series of sessions and to be honest, I don't know if it did anything at all. Didn't really notice any huge difference in texture, colour or fine lines. Don't think that I would do it again although it was comfortable and I had no side effects or down time. It is an easy procedure and fairly comfortable- I am just not sure if it actually did anything positive for my skin! READ MORE

Accutane Many Years Ago - Ontario, ON

Was on it 20 years ago and was one of the best things that I ever did. Did cause much initial peeling but put a halt to many years of acne and has kept me relatively clear for the past 26 years. Afterwards, the acne that I did get was mild and sporadic and cleared super fast. Definitely worth it in my opinion. A major bonus in terms of eliminating scarring. READ MORE

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Try polysporin cream and see if that eases the burning and gets the healing process going. That is what I would do. I still think that it is a reaction to the glycolic peel or something else that they used during the facial. READ COMMENT

Have you tried a very low dose cortisone-based cream? I think that the glycolic acid burned your skin- that is what it sounds like to me but I am no expert. Take the advice of your dermatologist and give it time. Be consistent with... READ COMMENT

Hi- I have had a few treatments over the years with different lasers (laser genesis, the YAG which left me with an indented scar on my nose) and BBL and VBeam. I am in Ontario in Canada. They were all to reduce rosacea (broken... READ COMMENT

I don't think that you have laser damage. Sounds more like allergy to me. Your face burning is a sign of allergy or increased sensitivity. I would suspect that your hydafacial kicked this process off, not the laser... (Speaking from... READ COMMENT

Hi Sophie- I am still really upset about this crazy indented scar and it has been 1.5 years!! Maybe one day I will have the courage to get something done about it. My thinking now is that they may just make it worse. Anyhow, I will keep... READ COMMENT