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Part Two: BR - Life Changing! Going from GG-H-I whatever it was to C/D!!!- Australia

Seen my PS today to have my tiny amount of oozing checked out -I perfer him to have a look at it early rather than worry about later. He reassured me that the HEALING PROCESS is WHERE IT SHOULD BE ! He actually told me he is very impressed with the progress of my healing - he was preparing for more issues. WOW...He keeps saying my boobs are still not small - so I probed him whether he is... READ MORE

Part One: BR - Life changing! Going from 40GG-H to 20C!!!!- Australia

Where to begin. Well, first of all I gotta say I know it is a US site but there is no similar support site in Oz therefore I hope you ladies don't mind a foreigner coming along to the site. I have been checking up on the site for a fortnight now and every time I read a review, a blog post I was jelous! CONGRATS to ALL THE LADIES who have gone through these - you are amazing and great role... READ MORE

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Recovery tips for a side sleeper?

Anyone has any recovery tips for me who is a side sleeper? No, I cannot sleep on my back - never could. If I have to do that I will end up on my stomach which seems to be worst... READ MORE

Help others - Donate your old bras after your BR!

Ladies, have you thought about what to do with your old bras once your surgery is done? You are not likely to be able to wear them again. EVER. so what to do? Well you can burn... READ MORE

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You look of luck at work...just dont stress about it...and if you worried about people - pulled them aside and tell them upfront so that they dont gossip or talk behind your back asking "had she had something done" Tell... READ COMMENT

Nubbins - just take it easy with the healing -it is not a race..take your time..I also encountered that my brain still has to catch up with the change in my appearance - and it .still takes time. I found myself stopping midway an... READ COMMENT

In my case it was a life saver...I had too many issues..both physical and emotional.if I hadnt opted for the procedure I dont know where I would be now...and whilst he procedure does have risks and the healing process can be cumbersome... READ COMMENT

I am so happy for your result! Congrats! READ COMMENT

So happy for you! it all looks much much better! Congrats to your strength and patience and for finding the wound care centre! READ COMMENT