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Reviews by plasticbeauty

Wonderful Doctor - Lilburn, GA

My appointment was just for a consult. It was a long wait but WELL WORTH IT. I ended up getting botox and although it was painful, Dr Boyette offered a topical cream to assist with pain. She talked me through it and made me very comfortable. She let me know exactly when she would inject so I was... READ MORE

Beletero for Tear Troughs - Atlanta, GA

I have a needle phobia so I thought I would freak out. He used a cannula and I had just minimal swelling and bruising although it was there. The pain was just slight. Botox hurts a lot more. After doing my research I felt the best way to do this is via cannula and he is one or the few skilled in... READ MORE

Questions from plasticbeauty

I Had an I-Guide Neck Lift 3 Weeks Ago and I Am Still Unable to Open my Mouth Wide. Is This Normal?

You can also see the pulling/indentations when I do open my mouth and I am concerned. READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op of a Mini Tummy Tuck. Why is the Area Beneath My Navel Numb?

Why is the area beneath my navel numb and is this permanent? Why is the area above my navel (my entire upper abdomen big as if I never received a TT? my stomach looks no... READ MORE

Seroma or Scar Tissue?

I had a small seroma after a mini tummy tuck. I got it drained until he could not pull anymore fluid out. There area is still puffy and is not starting to harden and my tummy... READ MORE

Implants for Nose?

I have been reading mixed reviews on both. Which is better.. a medpor implant or silicone implant?? For my nose cartilage is not an option. READ MORE

Moderate/Moderate Plus/ Vs High Profile?

I am 5'8 139 pounds. Currently i have 600cc moderate implants and although they are a nice size I still feel flat, the sit very wide in my bra but without a push up bra i look... READ MORE

After a Fat Transfer to my lips, one is much bigger, when can I expect to look normal?

I got fat grafting to lips during lipo. The objective was to get more applied to top than the bottom but my bottom lip is swollen more. Currently I am 4 days post op and they... READ MORE

Why does my neck look worse than before after Neck Liposuction?

I am 9 days post op and received neck lipo. My surgeon told me the fat was very hard in my neck and it was fibrosis but i don't see any change from before aside from it being... READ MORE

Is it true that your butt gets bigger (fluffs) after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I was told that there is a process called "fluffing" which occurs after a Brazilian Butt lift. I was told the butt gets bigger and "fluffs". Personally I don't see how it is... READ MORE

Skin is extremely tight after aggressive lipo. Is this normal?

I had an aggressive liposuction to inner thighs, the back, the abdominal area, and the area behind the arm pic. I am 3 weeks post op and still experiencing discomfort. My skin... READ MORE

Fibrosis on stomach from previous bad Liposuction, will lipo injections help?

I have a couple of rock hard patches/wide spread lumps on my stomach after a previous lipo. When I seen a second surgeon he told me it was fibrosis tissue and he can't remove... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Ethnic and thick skin - Cartilage

I have a wide nose and looking to get the base and bridge narrowed and tip refined. One surgeons recommended a medpor implant, while the others recommend ear cartilage or... READ MORE

Recent comments from plasticbeauty

He did a great job READ COMMENT

Would you happen to know if he used your current nose cartridge for the tip or from your ear? READ COMMENT

What does an upper lip lift supposed to do? And no offense but do you think you have dismorohic disorder? READ COMMENT

Please let me know your experience... he is my second choice... maybe first.. READ COMMENT

I had this procedure and would only do it if he used a cannula. That takes a way a lot of the swelling bad bruising READ COMMENT