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Lips Injected with Juvederm in - Fall River, MA

I've always had full lips, but wanted a little bit of plumping, since my chin seemed to recede a bit from acquiring TMJ. i figured plumping the bottom lip would give me a better profile. I ended up getting Juvederm injected into my upper lip and lower lips. The first time I did it, i got the smaller amount and only paid about $300 (i used the coupon from the website) and the second time I... READ MORE

Getting Coolsculpting on 5/31 for Lower Abdomen - Massachusetts

I workout and am in a healthy weight range. I am petite-5'0"-and I have always had a "pooch" even though I've never had kids and eat healthily. Ok! I got it done! :) long story: I had my lower abdomen done in Brookline, MA. The nurse was extremely nice and accommodating. I felt comfortable with her, because she, too, had gotten this done. She first placed a... READ MORE

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Oh cool, looking fwd to the pic update. cool,. hope she does, it would be interesting to see arm results! they should give you some kind of discount for spreading the word :) yeah im sure our stomachs will be flat always! the puffiness... READ COMMENT

Ok thank u! So I guess at the end of this month, we will have pretty much the max results? time flew by! i eliminate most salt from my diet, and during those times i dont see much retention. if you are a water-retainer like me (and i... READ COMMENT

Primal-i do mostly vegan diet, doing intervals of different diets..i looked up Primal Blueprint, is that something you've had success with? READ COMMENT

Lol! thanks about the tiny thing me they had a big pooch to suck up in that vacuum. lol! so when are the max. results supposed to happen...6 mos right? i thought mine said 2-6 months.. READ COMMENT

I checked out ur pics! u look really good! u really had a lot of swelling and bruising! i had a mark on my hip but not much on my actual stomach. I put up some new pics, im still not where i wanna be, but im surprised how much it went... READ COMMENT