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I had botox for tremors so far has not worked.Ithas been over two years you have to wait for three months .The surgeon will only do after the three months is up.The tremors will never go away they will always come back that is why we... READ COMMENT

Sorry to say some people never get any refief from the Botox injections I should know I have been going for over two years only had a very slight improvement,my doctor tries injections in different places in the neck area hoping each... READ COMMENT

Sorry to say I had the same results several never works like they say it does,although once in awhile it will help a bit.I never had to much luck or faith in Botox injections.Any thing could happen.I have had several injectiond... READ COMMENT

Four months ago I received botox in my neck for a slight murmur and i did have a bad stiff neck and shoulders the neck and the pain was so bad I could hardly.lift my head at all the pain lasted five weeks than for about three months I... READ COMMENT

It has been five weeks since I had my botox injections in my neck for a mild head and neck tremor,For almost the entire time I had severe pain in my shoulder and neck I finally can move again.although it has not gone completely .The... READ COMMENT