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I also get so behind with the cleaning of the house and things .. Mixed up words.. Absolutely no memory.. Vision is awful.. Are there really protests in front of Dysport manufacturing? And what about this attorney that won the Botox suit? READ COMMENT

Omg!!!! I always say I have Alzheimer's! I too used to read a book a week, and now I feel dyslexic.. My mind jumps over the words, and it's hard to read straight. I cannot remember anything! That part is getting worse. I used to... READ COMMENT

The shit has my brain mixed up too... Like ADHD or something... Are we going to ban together? Can we file a lawsuit? READ COMMENT

Will we get better? i'm so distraught. i cant imagine relapsing agin...weeks of hell, and then you get a little better, and then.. i'm in relapse again.. i can't imagine it coming back 16 months later. God. Is there any help? any luck... READ COMMENT

How long did you have the side effects, and what were they? please. i'm feeling so horrible, and im so scared. READ COMMENT