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Good Results but Experiencing Morning Fluid Retention from Restylane & Juvederm

I get these fillers injected into my cheeks, under eye area, temples, brow and nasolabial folds.The pros of dermal fillers for enhancing volume in the face include looking healthy, vibrant and more rested. I'm too young for a facelift, so these are a good option.Restylane works well around the eyes for hollowness. You can also dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers, which is good if you experience... READ MORE

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Is It Common for a Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch to Alter the Shape of One's Eye?

A plastic surgeon told me I have excess skin on my lower eyelids. CO2 fractional laser was recommended as first step. That was done 3 months ago. Mild improvement but did not... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Hollowing and Herniation of the Lower Lid Fat Compartments?

When some fat compartments in the lower lid have atrophied with age, but other compartments remain and therefore appear herniated, what is the best surgical or non-surgical... READ MORE

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I think everyone has a different experience. My eyes looked like I had a black eye and were that way for 2 weeks. My doc did more aggressive passes over my lower lids for loose skin. It was pink but also slightly swollen I think. my... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear about your issue with Juvederm. I ended up getting the Juvederm in my cheeks dissolved. It just didn't look right - it distorted my face when I'm animated or smiling. It was sort of bunching up near my eyelid rim. All... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the helpful hints. I've had some of it dissolved (the Juvederm in my cheeks, where the result seemed distorted, especially when smiling), but I still have some left in the eyelid and nasolabial area. I'll try to follow... READ COMMENT

Hi How long until you started to notice the fillers going away? I just had some awful Juvederm put into my cheeks 3 weeks ago. I look like a cat with chipmunk cheeks when I smile. I've got a wedding to attend in 2 months. I'm... READ COMMENT

It's been about 5 months and my situation is looking much better, thank goodness. Yes, mine looked awful at 2 weeks. I looked really odd and poeple kept asking if I was "ok". Obviously, I'm not a medical practitioner, so I can't... READ COMMENT