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Forehead Reduction Possible? (photo)

If I have a wide forehead ( I have a wide face) can I get a lower hairline and also a smaller forehead? Hmm.. as in squishing the forehead until it gets smaller or some sort... READ MORE

Stretchmarks Everywhere. What Do You Recommend?

They are over my thighs everywhere, inner, outer, everything. To make things worse I live in Florida so I die of heat hiding them. I also have them on my breast and my hips and... READ MORE

Wide Nose. Can I Ever Get an Skinny One? (photo)

My nose is huge from the front its flat and has no tip at all. It looks good from the side but not from the front. I'm 18 and its done growing. can I ever get an desired nose?... READ MORE

Ptosis Since 8? Bothering Since 13.

I'm 18 now and I always had pitosis. Both my eyes. I always felt like I have to push up my eyes/eyebrows. One eye is worse than the other. I love my eyes when I make them wide... READ MORE