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Redo of Breast Augmentation - United Kingdom, GB

11 years ago I had breast implants, after 4 years my left breast formed a hard capsule, it didn't bother me that much as it didn't deform the breast only made it hard. But unfortunately a couple of months ago I found out they were both leaking, so 2 weeks ago I had new implants put in, they were allergen 295cc, when I woke from my operation I felt fine and no pain, not like the first time.... READ MORE

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Breast Revision 2 Weeks Ago Because of Hard Capsule, Still Hard?

I Had a Hard Capsule in my Left Silicon Implant, Just Had Them Redone 2 Weeks Ago, my Left One is Still Very Hard, Was the Scar? Breast READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Breast Implant Revision and Left Breast is Hard and Right Breast is Soft?

Left breast is still really hard, and my right breast is so soft that I can't even feel an implant, my right also looks like there is more implant (fuller) under the nipple,... READ MORE

I Had a Silicon Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, my Right is Lovely and Soft but my Left is Still Really Hard?

Can Someone Please Explain to Me, Why when I Lift my Arms Above my Head my right Soft Implant Stays in the Same Place, but my Left harder implant moves up my chest, I had... READ MORE

Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, Silicon Implants in for 12 Years, my Left One Had Gone Slightly Hard? (photo)

New silicon implants put in, above muscle, right one is really soft - feels a bit to soft., and left one is hard and tight, also has a nodule sticking out at the side under my... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Changes After My Breast Implants Revision if One is Harder Than the Other? (photo)

I Had Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, I Had my Silicon 300cc Implants Taken Our and Replaced with Silicon 295cc, Id Had my previous implants in for 11 years and thought it... READ MORE

Why Wasn't My Implant Removed If I Had a CC? Led Me to Have Another CC. Silicone Implants.

I had a slight cc on my left breast. After having my revision, my surgeon said they were not leaking, I mentioned to him that my left breast was still hard, and asked if he had... READ MORE

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Especially when I'm not seeing him till July, he will probably just turn round and say you have a cc in that one. When I lie down though, I have recently noticed that I have this weird lumpy area at the edge of my implant, after doing... READ COMMENT

Hi great2beme, my follow up appointment is not till July 3rd, so I have not spoke to my ps yet, but I have spoke to the nurse and she she that he had taken away the hard scar the tissue the cc, but to be honest I have my doubts as it... READ COMMENT