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A Good Result Requires Patience and a Highly-skilled Injector

Sculptra is only as good as the skill-level and experience of the person injecting you. If your doctor only uses Sculptra occasionally or (even worse-I've actually heard this) sends his NURSE to inject you, RUN!!! This is not something to play around with. I have been getting these injections in my face and around my eyes since 2001 and the results are nothing short of amazing. It is not... READ MORE

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I am still convinced that it is more about the skill and experience of the Sculptra injector than the product itself. How could you explain how my (very gifted) facial surgeon was able to achieve a 100% success rate (out of thousands of... READ COMMENT

Njgirl, What analogy are you talking about? What is it that I have not thought out well? Are you responding to my posts because you are not making much sense. READ COMMENT

Kooie, Thanks for posting back. I guess when you started insinuating that I was some kind of stealth spokesperson for Sculptra and/or some fake happy-go-lucky poster, I kinda lost it! I would reckon that I've had more Sculptra injected... READ COMMENT

Kooie, You can read my posts over and over again and you STILL are not able to understand my point of view. My doctor killed himself. I am looking for a doctor to replace him. I have yet to find a doctor I am willing to risk my face... READ COMMENT

Dear Kooie, I think you are misinterpreting what HKKitty is trying to point out. The fact that you have been disfigured by a doctor is extremely unfortunate but I can assure you HKKitty is not anything more than a regular cosmetic... READ COMMENT