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First Time Having Restylane Injections - Unexplained Pain Top of Head in Scalp - Should I Be Worried, Seek Dr. Attention?

Injections 6 of the 2.5 vial boxes in my face. mottled bruising on the right side, forehead to chin. Very severe pain started within an hour top of my head, lots of swelling... READ MORE

What Do You Know About Shingles Being Triggered in the Trigeminal Nerve As a Result of Injectables and Frequency and Warnings?

I posted a couple days ago about horrific pain on my scalp and face mottling within hour of 6 large box restylane. RN no help. ER doc DX shingles, only on face where mottling... READ MORE

Restylane Injected into a Blood Vessel, Temple, Plugged Vessel Initially and It's Too Late for Proper Treatment. Now What?

Follow-up inquiry. Finally diagnosed properly. Not shingles. Doc says I have to wait it out. I'm upset, still in pain, sores and dark places on side of face, hairline to almost... READ MORE

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How long is this pain going to last? RN injected into and plugged a vessel in my temple with restylane!

I got 2 diagnoses of shingles 4 days after treatment with Restylane, Urgent Care and a Dermatologist, that I was sure was triggered by the 12 ml of restylane I was subjected to... READ MORE