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2 post op pics added! Staged makeover. Aug 10. TT, BL/BA, Sept 21. LIPO, BBL. KC, MO

I am 5'2", 150 lbs, and 2 pregnancys. I have stretch marks and extra skin/fat on my stomach. I also have really low breasts. All of which is a result of having children. I have to stage my surgery. First I will get the breast lift/augmentation (350cc, resulting in a full D cup) and tummy tuck. I will go back in about a month and a half later to get lipo of flanks, hips and back and have it... READ MORE

Questions from MalloryW

Restrictions Following BA/BL and TT?

My surgery isn't scheduled until Sept, but my doctor was somewhat vague about restrictions following my surgery. I understand that it will be some time until I can resume... READ MORE

Difference Between Lipo/fat Graft to Buttocks and BBL?

Is there a difference in my doctor doing lipo to my hips, flanks, and thighs then doing a "large" fat graft to my butt and a brazilian butt lift? Isn't lipo/graft essentialy... READ MORE

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Surprisingly I didn't really need any anti nausea medicine.... But I sure do wish I was given a muscle relaxer for my back. I have been feeling pretty good. Today was probably the best day I've had. I need to post new pics and do an... READ COMMENT

I wasn't given many meds... Just ativan, vicaden, and an antibiotic. What meds is your doctor giving you? 7 meds is gonna be hard to keep track of! But at least you should be super comfortable. And I'm sure some of them are just... READ COMMENT

Yes... My back is KILLING ME! But when I'm standing its not just my back that hurts, it's like my entire core is being strained. It's like my abs are working really hard to keep me standing and they get tired. It's weird and I can't... READ COMMENT

I'm ok... Just like everyone says, there are definitely ups and downs. The mornings are the worst.... I always wake up feeling like shit. Once I get some food and pain killers in my system I feel a little better. I still sleep all the... READ COMMENT

I'm ok... I really love the fact that you check on me! I posted a new update. I've made it thru day I think everything should be getting easier and easier from here. Now I just can't wait for my 2nd surgery to get this all... READ COMMENT