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Exoderm Phenol Peel NO Results! - Baja Plastic Surgery in Tijuana

I went with Dr.Louis May Villanueva at Baja Plastic Surgery in Tijuana. Only because the same procedure here in the States cost $5,000 plus depends if you you to Beverly hills, or San Diego. Well i can tell you that is was a grueling 7days with this green mask. After it started peeling by itself with alittle help with Vaseline it completely came off the 7th day. Its been 9days and im... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL After 24 Months Anybody with This Problem - Tijuana, MX

I originally had chosen Dr.Pantoja back in 2012 but chicken out after reading about a patient MM. I really haven't gotten the whole story but I do think their was some bad mouthing that made me change to Dr.Cardenas. But as you have read my prior post I wasn't to happy *++ now I have a deflated booty. Again it has been 24 months. Im going to have surgery with Dr.Pantoja I like his protocol on... READ MORE

BBL deflated Round 2 Dr.Pantoja 2014

I was scheduled for tummy tuck,lipo and Bbl. With Dr.pantoja but after reading about a woman he operated on and had problems at a Recovery home where she collapsed, rushed to hospital where she was in a coma from a blood clot, and now family has pulled from life support, scared me. I emailed questions of my concern to Dr.P and did not receive the needed info to ease my concerns, also no... READ MORE

Questions from Css3

Can I Have Fat Augmentation to Buttocks a Year After Hydrogel Injection?

I had hydrogel injected to.my buttocks a year ago,.after about 3 months I noticed it was dissolving and now its no longer noticable, I believe its been absorbed and want fat... READ MORE

How likely is sciatic nerve damage through Liposuction/BBL fat transfer? Can that lead to paralysis ?

I am planning on having a secound round of BBL with liposuction fat grafting and I suffer from low back pain; I believe was from my previous BBL. READ MORE

What type of specialist doctors would be the most knowledgeable in the brow eye area for a lateral temple lift?

I have a high forehead and do not want a brow lift I have been to ENT,.Cosmetic Plastic surgeons and recontructive surgeons, snd have bern given this option versis eyelid... READ MORE

What are some Mid-facelift complications when done through mouth and temple?

I am concerned about nerve damage and unable to move my upper lip after surgery. What are the dangers involved with this procedure? Are Mid-face lifts more complicated than any... READ MORE

What are my options for a lip lift? To correct the downward slant of the corners of my mouth. (photo)

I do not want additional volume. I never had this problem. I believe this problem began when I added fat transfer to my face for volume loss. I wanted a more rounded face... READ MORE

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Anybody hate dr.carmina cardenas booties

Im scheduled for 9/8/12 and real nervous,.cuz ive seen alot of before and.after on Dr.pantoja and really love his work,.but his patient services are not good ,.no return email... READ MORE

Neck Lift an Pixie Ear Repair

Can anyone recommend a good face doctor in tijuana Please. I am interviewing doctors and have seen some great results with Dr. Milla Hector and also have read some bad remarks... READ MORE

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I just read your story. Im sor sorry to hear that. I thought the placement of the scars were odd on neck area. They are usual5in the middle of the neck zigzag to tighten neck gobble. Please keep us posted. READ COMMENT

I think you didnt need a lift at all. You look good. I cannot see any difference, i think the pix with filler and botox looks very rejuvenated and that's all that was needed READ COMMENT

Thank you! I was contemplating surgery with this doctor. I thank you again for sharing your experience. You look beautiful. READ COMMENT

Prices in California are ridiculously high. READ COMMENT

I am so glad you detailed all this for me. I had a horrible experience in California Pixie ears, horrible scaring and loss of sideburn. Worst of all, no results. Please tell me what your ears look like after? I definitely want to take... READ COMMENT