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I had the white stuff coming out as well - just keep the gauze on it - it will heal - it's all part of the process. I found the gauze would stay in place just with the crease of my breast. Good luck - I hope it all helps! READ COMMENT

Hi sb73 - definately try this method - it really worked for me - I think keeping it clean and dry is the answer - at least it was for me - and fast. I didn't wear anything because I didn't want anything touching the stitches but if... READ COMMENT

Hi chamilton - sorry I meant to say the gauze was held just by the crease of my breasts - I didn't actually wear a bra until I was about 6 weeks in - I tried to wear a sports bra and the front closure one that is mentioned here but I... READ COMMENT

Hi Chamilton - I used the gauze and to be honest it just held in place on it's own. I folded it in half long ways and just tucked it ounder my bra. I tried to use medical tape but my doctor said it would irritate the skin so stopped... READ COMMENT

Hi ellieh - I didn't buy my first real bra until I was 9 weeks post op - and so glad I waited - I couldn't believe how much the swelling went down after week 8 - I think I will still go down a cup size, but for now I'm good. My first... READ COMMENT