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Browlift Hairline, New Nose, Fat Transfer to Cheeks/Chin Too Much For One Surgery?

Browlift Hairline/ New"nose/ Fat Transfer to Cheeks and Chin.. is It to Much in One Go.?  is It a MASSIVE Recovery for All This? READ MORE

Thin hair. Brow lowering?

I'm considering a 'hairline Brow lowering surgery' but do already have very thin fine hair, I was to.d that the 'stretching of the scalp' would make the thin hair appear... READ MORE

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The brow lift sounds rather a big deal, i"m wondering if its a bit much to cope with. The idea of an awfull migraine for two weeks sounds almost to much.. i cant quite summon the courage, but i realy want to. Some people say its not so... READ COMMENT

Pleassse tell me what you mean by painfull". in what way and for how long.?. any info on recovery or op would be most appreciated. many thanks.. and glad your happy with result.x. READ COMMENT

Hi misty. pleased to hear that you are happy with results.. i am considering fat transfer to cheeks, people have said it can be VERY sore afterwards, and can take weeks to heal.. also with scars where injectsion sights were, and... READ COMMENT

I would also like to know the answer to your question, have you found out any more.?.. READ COMMENT

Gosh ,, you did do well, were you really out on bike ect SO soon". I"m considering exactly the same sugery as you with EXACTLY the same sugeon"" but with nose as well,. I"m just down the road from you in not so sunny Devon.. thing is... READ COMMENT