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By loosing weight, you will loose some of your breasts but while losing some of your breasts, you should get some skin cream, add saseame seed oil to it, shake well and add to your breasts massaging them on a daily base. Your breasts... READ COMMENT

I do not know how much you weigh and how tall you are but from the picture, many women would envy you for what you have. Some have none, others have twice & three & four time what you have. If I were you and I know I am not, I would... READ COMMENT

If you diet and exercise ( walk and jogging ) will help you very much as you will lose weight in your breasts too. When you do loose weight, get some skin cream, add some saseame seed oil to it, shake it very well and apply it to your... READ COMMENT

The proper thing to use is as follow: " get some skin cream, add saseame seed oil to it, shake well and apply on the entire surfaces of your breasts twice daily. This will help heal them faster. I know as I have been a Healer for... READ COMMENT

The best bras to buy for all occasions, are Platex & WonderBra Bras and they should be full cup type bras and without the underwire. I highly recommend them as they are the best on the market. Sports bras do not really have have any... READ COMMENT