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Painful and Expensive but Worth It - Tampa, FL

I am 40 and Ulthera done a little over 4 mos ago. I received no pain medication except Tylenol and it was torture for 2 hours but the nice thing about the pain is that it stops immediately when the device is stopped so I was able to take a couple breaks and with squeezy balls and deep breathing I got through it. If you have the option of narcotic pain medication I strongly recommend it. My... READ MORE

Juvederm in Lips - Wish It Lasted Longer!

Had Juvederm injected along my upper and lower lip line about 4 mos ago and there doesn't seem to be much left :( Not sure exactly how much I had injected - it was a mini syringe of some sort. I've heard it may not last as long in the lips as part of the face that don't move as much. This seems to be true in my case. The procedure itself wasn't bad - between numbing and ice it... READ MORE

Great Choice, 10 Years Later - Kansas City, KS

Had Lasik eye surgery in 2002 in Kansas City. I was sick of contacts and glasses. I was a pretty straightforward case - good corneal thickness, etc. I was 20/15 after the surgery and have hardly thought about my vision since!! Lights aren't as sharp at night but it's really subtle - hardly noticeable. READ MORE

Expensive but Worth It - Florida

Pretty expensive for nine 20 minute sessions 2 months apart but I am hair free in my bikini area and underarms and love that I don't have to shave or wax anymore. READ MORE

NIce Results That Didn't Last - Florida

Spent $400 for Zoom Whitening in 2010. I had very minimal sensitivity. My teeth did get a lot whiter and looked great - for about a week. 1-2 weeks later they looked pretty close to what they did prior to whitening. I was given an aftercare kit which admittedly I didn't use consistently. The bottom line is if you do in office whitening you should plan on being very consistent with at home... READ MORE

ipl - Florida

Works well for my ruddy complexion. I don't know if I have rosacea but I am definitely prone to redness and dilated capillaries. I get this about every 4-6 months. With every treatment there are a few capillaries that it 'kills off' and I can see them shrivel up. Most however just shrink in response to the treatment. Gives a nice glow for a day or two. For me, requires follow up... READ MORE

Obagi Nu Derm - Florida

Dramatic results for fine lines, firmness, hyper pigmentation, pores. Excellent skin care line. The products work synergistically so best to use them together and not omit steps. When used consistently I can truly say I look about 10 years younger. READ MORE

Questions from Scout15

Liposonix on Buttocks?

I have an unusually firm protuberant buttocks and have consulted with surgeons regarding tumescent lipo in this area and all have said buttocks is a tricky area for liposuction... READ MORE

Cohesive Gel Exchange Worth It for More Natural Feel?

Had breast implants in 1995 at the age of 23 for very small breasts. Underwent sub muscular augmentation with tear drop saline implants to make me a B cup. I have been... READ MORE

Skin Looser After Ulthera?

I am 39 and had Ulthera of my face and neck 2 1/2 mos ago. I reportedly had double the number of lines that are typically given in the deeper tissues. Overall I am happy I had... READ MORE

Protocol for Exilis Face?

I had an initial treatment of Exilis for skin tightening in the cheeks and jowls, brow and around the mouth. The technician administered the hand piece in rather large circles... READ MORE

Would fat grafting under the eyes pose a problem for a mid facelift down the road?

I am in my early 40s and have some sagging in my mid face but not enough to warrant a mid face lift at this time. I am curious though, if I have fat grafting under my eyes and... READ MORE

Recent comments from Scout15

I actually had Sculptra under my eyes about a month ago and I love it so far. I think I might have one more round in a couple weeks. In terms of the lower face I think the slimming suits my features better so Im not so sure about... READ COMMENT

I use the whole system which includes 6 items. For the cleanser I use the Nu Derm foaming gel (1) morning and night along with the toner (2). There is another creamier cleanser for drier skin available. I use Clear (3) morning and... READ COMMENT

No down time. My face may be slightly pink for the rest of the day. They always offer me aloe and a tiny ice pak to go home with which I never need to use. I am told to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen for a day or two. READ COMMENT