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Omg i feel so sorry for you :-( this is so sad and hard for you i can imagine. I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything will turn out okay sooner or later! READ COMMENT

I can imagine would it must feel like :-( i really feel bad for you, because that is the worst thing that can happen with rhinoplasty. But maybe it will turn down the tip. One of my friends did her nose 1 year ago and first the tip was... READ COMMENT

Congrats, i am happy for you. I am like you, really really scared i am having mine i 5 june, and still a am thinking maybe i should cancel i am so SCARED.. I hope everything is doing well and that you will love your new nose :-) READ COMMENT

Honestly your nose was perfect before, i don't understand why you even considered rhino, my nose is a lot worse than yours and sometimes i dont want my rhinoplasty done, because i am afraid of the outcome. I really hope that the tip... READ COMMENT