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I have been researching pregnancy and botox and found that limited studies are out there for obvious reasons but the experiments done on innocent animals such as rabbits shows... READ MORE

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I never had botox but reading these comments I am really concerned for all of you that are suffering. please keep up your lawsuits. its the only way to stop this insane industry. of course i am starting to have the dreaded frown muscle... READ COMMENT

From allergen itself- bottom right corner of first side effects page-- based on animals studies may cause fetal harm. google but many other sites say the same thing. READ COMMENT

Botox actually has been studied in pregnant mice, rats and rabbits. The babies of mice and rats were born with low birth weights and/or delayed bone development. Pregnant rabbits who received Botox injections fared even worse,... READ COMMENT

It also must be cumulative, like most everything. so people that didnt have problems in the beginning start having them later on. that could explain why the original botox woman, swann ,doesnt use anymore. anyway it is a poison. Its... READ COMMENT

Hello all. I have been reading these posts and this forum for a while now. I am at the age when the lines are forming on my face and that does bother me sometimes. but I have stayed away from botox or fillers and after reading these... READ COMMENT