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Make sure you absolutely HATE your nose before you consider rhinoplasty

Well i had a rhinoplasty to fix a bump on my nose and a little tip work was done along with it and now i don't like it. should have just got the bump removed because now my nose looks a little too small. i really miss my longer nose because i think it fit my face better. i 'm not liking this new nose:( its my fault i thought smaller would be better but i always felt so good w/my... READ MORE

Questions from Rain11

I Am Unhappy with the Looks of my Rhinoplasty Surgery but What if It Looks Good to All Doctors?

I really don't like the way my new nose looks but I don't know what can be changed. maybe it could be made longer. If the nose i have looks ok to many surgeons, will... READ MORE

Could my Shortened Nose Be Made Longer Again? (photo)

I got a rhinoplasty and I think the result made my nose look too short and small for my face. Could it be made longer again? This isn't my picture but its similiar to my... READ MORE

Why Does My Face Look Asymmetrical?

Why Does My Face Look Asymmetrical? READ MORE

Had a Rhinoplasty About 7 Months Ago and I'm Unhappy with the Result. What Are My Options?

I am unhappy with the bridge being touched, bones were broken, it was straightened and a graft was put in. Also I wanted the tip deprojected but I'm not happy with that, I made... READ MORE

What Are Grafts Used for in Rhinoplasty?

What are the reasons a surgeon would use a graft of any type? Thanks READ MORE

How is a Tip Deprojected? And What Happens to the Nostrils?

How is a tip deprojected? Is there always cartilage removed? What happens to the nostrils- do they always flare? Thank you for your answers. READ MORE

What Could Be the Possible Problems with Having a Septal Graft Removed?

I would like a septal cartilage graft removed from my bridge. I believe it was used for widening the airways in some way. My bridge now looks to high and too wide. I liked the... READ MORE

Why Would my Doctor Use a Spreader Graft?

My doctor never told me he was going to use a spreader graft in my bridge. I didn't even know what the things were until I came out of surgery unhappy with my appearance and... READ MORE

How is Tip Cartilage Rotated?

Can tip cartilage rotation be reversed? READ MORE

Is There an "Ideal" Tip?

I got a rhinoplasty in November of last year and my tip was refined although it didn't need to be. I am wondering why my doctor felt this needed to be done. Is there an ideal... READ MORE

Is There a Specific Model of a Nose That is Followed for Rhinoplasty?

For example, in the 70's and 80's, the "ski slope" nose was usually given to individuals. Now, to me, it seems like there is an ideal nose that is perfectly straight in the... READ MORE

Do You Perform Psyche Evaluations on a Patient Before a Surgery?

I realized too late that I wasn't a candidate for plastic surgery because I can not handle the alteration to my appearance and it has made my life miserable. How important is... READ MORE

Can Spreader Grafts Deproject the Nasal Tip?

My doctor said he didn't deproject my tip but my tip looks shorter after rhinoplasty. He did put spreader grafts in my bridge and now my bridge is higher. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Can a Nasal Tip Be Changed from a Ball Shape Back to Its Natural Form?

I had a rhinoplasty where my tip was altered and shaped like a ball and it doesn't suit my face as well as my natural tip did. Can it be fixed to look more natural-shaped? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between These Certifications?

American Board of Plastic Surgery American Board of Cosmetic Surgery American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery If a surgeon is board certified in any one of... READ MORE

Nostrils Flare After Rhinoplasty, How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty a year and a half ago and am not happy with the results. One of the many issues I have is my nostrils flare out now. I think it is from the tip being... READ MORE

Can Crushed Cartilage Grafts Be Removed?

In my op report it says crushed cartilage was used as on onlay over the dorsum- can that be removed? Also a crushed cartilage graft was put in my tip. Can that be removed or... READ MORE

Can anesthesia change hair permanently?

I got a rhinoplasty in 2011 and since then my hair has been so dry. If I knew my hair would be changed I never would have gotten the surgery. Its been 2 years so I think this... READ MORE

Can anesthesia have permanent effects on hair?

I had a rhinoplasty in 2011 and since then my hair has completely dried out. It is not falling out, it is very thick and dry now. There are no natural oils left in it. I have... READ MORE

Is it at all possible that an aggressive rhinoplasty can affect other features on the face, such as cheeks or eyes?

I have heard others say they believe they lost facial fat after a rhinoplasty or their eyes look sunken in or different. My face looks so bad after my nose job but I can't... READ MORE

Is a slightly runny nose normal after rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty two years ago and since then my nose has been runnier than it was before. It's not dripping, just running more, I need tissues more now and I sniff a lot... READ MORE

Discussions started by Rain11

Can a nose job change how you look??

I recently got a rhinoplasty and I'm not sure I'm really satisfied.  I seem to look different, off.  I thought it would really soften up my face and open up... READ MORE

If you get a rhino revision, does the new doctor request the chart from the old doctor to see EXACTLY what was done?

Wouldn't they need to see the measurements that were taken and exactly what was cut or put in, etc. READ MORE

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It angers me they don't admit loss of fat as a possible complication READ COMMENT

I know and if I lost face fat it angers me that they never told me it could happen and still don't admit it can happen...it made me wonder for so long what happened and I went through hell READ COMMENT

Hi Faith, how are you? I hope you are doing somewhat better. I'm got through the worst of the depression but I'm still looking to fix this. READ COMMENT

I also want to say that he did things to me that I did not ask for such as adding grafts and thinning my tip...these were not asked for and were not needed. So my advice is to know what you need fixed and to be sure that's the only... READ COMMENT

Has anyone found out anything more about this? I would appreciate any new information. I believe this has happened to me but most doctors deny it and it's such a small number of people who say they have experienced this. READ COMMENT