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SmartLipo of the Upper Inner and Outer Thighs AND NOW A THIGH LIFT- Huntersville, NC

I am scheduled for smart lipo of my thighs on Monday morning! Excited but also scared. I have lost 140 #s with diet and exercise and am on a journey of correcting the damage I have caused to my body due to the excess skin left behind. Its such a mental "thing" now that the weight is gone and the... READ MORE

My AMAZING Tummy Tuck - Huntersville, NC

In December 2011, I went in to have a TT. After years of diet and exercise, I have managed to drop 140 #'s. I worked hard for this and am left with the chore of repairing my body from allowing myself to gain that weight. It was time to put the "mental" that Im left with due to extra skin behind... READ MORE

Breast lift/Augmentation & ARM LIFT 6-26-13! Huntersville, NC

So after having my TT and SmartLipo and thrilled with my wonderful doctor, I have scheduled my breast lift and implants. I go at the end of August for my full consult to make sure me and my surgeon are on the same page and thinking......At this time I will also have the excess skin removed from... READ MORE

Read my Full Review Under Smart LIPO - Huntersville, NC

I am 4 weeks out from having my thigh lift. My experience and story is listed under the Smart Lipo procedure due to that is how I started with the thigh lift. Lipo was done, removing 19#s of fat, then just recently underwent the skin removal with a thigh lift where 4#s of actual skin was... READ MORE

Circumferential Body Lift. Huntersville, NC

As in all of my reviews I will give a brief reasoning for having to have such drastic plastic surgery. Years ago I lost 140 #s through diet and exercise. It took me about 5 years to lose this weight and I have incorporated a lifestyle change in order to keep my weight loss permanent. I am now... READ MORE

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You are beautiful! Lipo is so hard with bruising but its so well worth it! I think I had bruises for at least 3 months! READ COMMENT

With all my surgeries with Dr K they put on the prescriptions Milk of Magnesia and direction are to take it once a day while on the pain pill. I always tell my mom, who helps the first couple of days after surgery, to not let me miss... READ COMMENT

I had all 3 of these procedures with Dr K as well, he is the best surgeon EVER! The thigh lipo and lift have completely changed my body shape! The implants are like the icing on the cake! Let Dr K help decide what size you need. He... READ COMMENT

That was my stage two as well with Dr K! How exciting for you, you will be a new woman! I will follow your journey there as well! READ COMMENT

Awe, thank you! I am so glad I could help you! Please tell Dr K that story, he will love to hear it!! I cant wait to see your pictures!!!!! So happy and excited!! READ COMMENT