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Living After Breast Surgery - Monterrey, Mexico

I had always been happy with my size 32 b breasts. I am a confident woman. but after 3 babies things change. Instead of gaining breast I just reduced to a 32 a cup. so I decided to get implants. I wanted a 32 b size (my original) yet ended getting a 34c. At first i got so depressed I couldnt forgive myself for dooing it. now I am happy with my results yet not sure it was my best decision. READ MORE

Questions from anonymos

Dr. Used the Natrelle 240 Gr Cohesive Silicone Gel Texturized Full Projection Implants I Wanted a Natural Look but Dont? (photo)

I breast fed 3 babies was 32 a cup and wanted a 32 b cup natural looking. doctor suggested the 240 g implants for my body. my breast look good in symetry and size it is ok.... READ MORE

Is It the Same 240 Grams of Cohesive Gel as 240 Cc?

Is It the Same 240 Grams of Cohesive Gel as 240 Cc? READ MORE

My Dr Says I Have Hypersensitivity in my Breast is That Normal After 12 Days Post Op?

I had my surgery 12 days ago and I feel my breast very hot and tender. Like when I breastfed but constantly. I am very tolerant too pain since I had 3 child births with no... READ MORE

How long does the treatment for recovery of a lefort 1 osteotomy with a 3 piece expansion take?

I am a 36 year old mother of 3. so I want to do the surgery in winter break but i am concerned with the recovery part. READ MORE

I have an international elite best doctors insurance and medically need orthognathic surgery. Will insurance cover it?

My scans demostrate my sever airflow blockage can this be reason enough for my lefort 1 and septoplasty ? READ MORE

Palatal expansion after orthognathic surgery

Hi i had a upper jaw surgery advancement of 6 mm and an expansion. i have post surgery braces and a removable palatal expansion. my teeth are doing great ! the only thing is... READ MORE

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I am on my day 4 post op and feeling very swollen. i have had nurses 24-7 and i can eat through a seringe (60 ml) protein shake 2 times a day and carrot juice in the morning. i am feeling better but the pain is a lot. is the only thing... READ COMMENT

Do you have before photos? do you consider it was a huge change or just a slight improvement? READ COMMENT

I am so nervous for my surgery .. more than nervous i am anxious. another question. you are 2 months post op , can you eat regular food? how are your jaws? READ COMMENT

Thank you for your reply!!! that is a relief :) on top besides your name and the surgery cost it states not sure. some put worth it others not worth it. READ COMMENT

I think you look amazing in the after pics. you look good before too. but much better after surgery. I am sorry for your pain :( I have similar pain and having surgery next month. I will share my experience too!!! READ COMMENT