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Three Previous Rhinoplasties & Nose Tip Uneven, What to Do Now?

I have had three previous nasal surgeries. The first surgeon removed the huge bump on my nose but left me with a very crooked nose. Another surgeon was able to fix my newly... READ MORE

Looking for Revision Rhinoplasty Renown Expert in the Bay Area?

After three rhinoplasty surgeries I really need to see an expert's expert. My main concern is nostril asymmetry. My last surgery was in 2005. I believe scar tissue may be... READ MORE

Does Acupuncture for Nose Shaping or Rework?

Does Acupuncture for Nose Shaping or Rework? READ MORE

After Multiple Revisions Nasal Asymmetry, Least Invasive Options? (photo)

I have undergone 4 rhinoplasties (3 big and one small) with two different surgeons (one surgeon did 3) to fix my very crooked nose, bump, and deviated septum. Finally my nose... READ MORE

Can I Get a Tip Plasty After Previous Rhinos?

This has been quite a journey for me. I have had 4 rhinos first was a botch. Apparently I don't have scar tissue. I have uneven cartilages and bossae in my tip. I have only had... READ MORE

What is Best for Alar Rim Grafts if Septum is Not an Option, Ear or Rib?

If you have a patient with ear available would you ever choose rib over ear? Also does rib tend to warp with smaller grafts like these or is warp less likely? READ MORE

Looking for Oculoplastic Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

I'm looking for an Oculoplastic surgeon in Northern California that works with a plastic surgeon who does breast augmentations. I need tear duct surgery and would like to get a... READ MORE

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Revision Rhinoplasty Doctors

If you had to get a revision rhino who would you go to? Or who would you send your kids to if you could not do the surgery? READ MORE

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More info, got my nose done at the end of last year so these are recent prices. Careful with putting too much weight on price. I did that with three surgeries and look where it got me. Pay the money and get it right the first time if... READ COMMENT

Oh total I paid $7k that's it since my insurance picked up the rest. Total out of pocket without insurance would have been $13k and my nose was obviously very difficult. READ COMMENT

I met with revision surgeons across the country before I decided on Davis. I researched for years, talked to patients, and frequented every forum. Davis was hands down the best. He was also one of the cheapest, although I only met with... READ COMMENT

Looking great Tarah! Hospitals always do this. The bill says a certain amount but the negotiated rate with the insurance company is the only $ you really need to worry about. I'm not sure what the reason for this is, perhaps to write... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing Tarah. I recently had surgery with Dr. Davis and am very pleased. I had a tough nose as it was a 5th revision and he worked miracles. He is extremely skilled, detailed, and compassionate. Thank goodness for him. READ COMMENT