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What is the Best Technique to Operate on Turbinates?

I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates (due to the deviation), I also have no tonsils and sometimes I feel very cold almost no filtration when I breath. I will need... READ MORE

I Had a Nose Bleed After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty 8 days ago.I had a severe deviation of the septum and an excision/replacement of septum technique was used. I had nasal packing for 3 days.Yesterday during a... READ MORE

Severe Nose Bleed After Rhinoplasty?

Severe nose bleed 9 days after my rhinoplasty, 2 days after my cast was removed. I went to the ER and I was hospitalized for 1 day. They put merocel packing and they will keep... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Steroid Injections in This Rhinoplasty Case? Should I Avoid Them and Just Wait to Re-do Surgery? (photo)

I had nosebleed 8 days after rhinoplasty, I went to ER they used merocele nasal packing (see pic) left for 5 days. My front has been damaged by this packing, and it is very... READ MORE

Complete Detachment of Septum with Bench Remodeling?

I had a primary rhinoplasty. Though my nose did not present outside deformity, the septum was severely deviated and it looked post-traumatic. My surgeon has used a particular... READ MORE

Experts of extracorporeal septoplasty?

I had surgery in Italy with extracorporeal septoplasty plus open rhinoplasty. I feel my septum can move to right or left from the basis, and I believe it was not fixed properly... READ MORE

Do I have a goretex infection? I had rhinoplasty in Europe 3 & half yrs ago. The surgeon used extracorporeal septoplasty (Photo)

He also used gore-tex implant (see TC scan). Few days ago, my nose got red and warm for a couple of hours (see picture), but now it is normal color again. In the last 2 days, I... READ MORE

Goretex infection: should I have the goretex out and wait before revision surgery? or should it be replaced right away? (photo)

I have pressure on bridge, flashes of redness, small veins and little pimples; it is not clear if it is an infection. My surgeon does not believe infection but has proposed to... READ MORE