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a year Later

My original plastic surgeon recommended 300-400 range, but suggested 350cc's. Coordinator pushed for 400's. I got caught up in hype so requested 450's on day of surgery! Since day one I've been miserable and seeking non-stop advise from PS on Real Self, JBI, and in person. No one could tell me what I needed to know until last month. Finally I learned that I'm so uncomfortable because the... READ MORE

Questions from Hart2Catch

Went 50cc over Largest Size the PS Recommended. What Should I Do?

I originally wanted 350cc but my coordinator failed me. My first coordinator either quit or got fired. When my second coordinator picked me up she did not return my phone calls... READ MORE

Reducing and Changing to Anatomicals For Smallest Implants For My BWD?

I have opportunity to try anatomicals. Had 450cc HP round silicone Mentors implanted in May. Will I have saggy skin if I explant? PS chose textured classic (narrow base) shaped... READ MORE

Anatomicals. Downsizing Silicone Unders With Gummy Bears From Sientra?

My Plastic Surgeon has offered to downsize my 450cc HP silicone unders with gummy bears from Sientra. He will give me the Sientras at no cost, waive his fee, and only charge... READ MORE

Surgeon Not Board Certified. Do I Need to Find Another Surgeon?

Am I stuck with finding another surgeon to reduce my 3month old oversized 450cc silicone implants? My General Surgeon Is offering Sientra's, but insisting on teardrops to... READ MORE

Explant 3 Months After Implant?

I paid $6K to find out that I don't like breasts. I had 450cc silocone Mentor unders placed in May. I dont want a lifetime of headaches w silicone and dont have enough tissue... READ MORE

Downsize to Gummy's or Cohesive Gel?

I want to drastically downsize my 450cc HP silicone implants to btwn 150cc-225cc's 've heard that if your implants are larger than 350 (start 32A) that the skin is over... READ MORE

Mentor Silicone Implants Too Big?

I went too big and chose 450cc Mentor silicone implants for my 32A start point in May 2012. Is it possible to downsize 200-250cc's? Can I switch to Sientra anatomicals? Also,... READ MORE

"Side Boob" Really Bothers Me? (photo)

Is this bc I chose an implant that is too big for my BWD? i am not sure what mine is bc my surgeon (not a plastic surgeon) dismissed me at 3 mos bc i was so upset about going... READ MORE

Feeling Trapped? (photo)

I'm very unhappy w implants bc went up 4 sizes and now have "side boob." Work, working out, sleeping, or going wo a bra are uncomfortable bc I'm an athlete. I read online that... READ MORE

How Far Can I Downsize my 450's?

I've heard that an implant >350cc's on a small frame (32A) oversteetches the skin. I have 450cc's so altho PS says I have good skin quality I'm afraid of complete explant... READ MORE

Route to Get Back As Close As Possible to Pre BA? (photo)

My breast augmentation was riddled w problems. My original surgeon was not Board Cert and dismissed me at month 3 bc I was unhappy w large implants. At mo2 I had seroma. I... READ MORE

Explant and Pec Muscle? (photo)

I can't believe I paid to be this uncomfortable and caused this much destruction to my pec muscle. 43yrs old, athletic, hypertrophic scar, BWD 11.7, 450cc silicone, HP, crease,... READ MORE

Should I Reduce 450cc to 300cc W Local, Gummy or Regular Cohesive?

Doing implant exchange w local (450cc silicone HP May 2012 preop 32A). PS stated I have excellent skin quality and although I am 40yrs old he expected excellent contractile... READ MORE

450-350 with Local or GA and Capsule Work? (photo)

5'5", 120lbs, Mentor silicone HP. My pre op 04/29, surgery 05/06. My new PS said implant swap from 450cc HP silicone to 350cc HP silicone can be done with a Local does no... READ MORE

Just Downsized, Should I Explant Before Healing Begins? (photo)

I feel like downsizing was waste of money since I still feel huge. 5'5" 120lbs 32A 05/12 silicone 450HP-300HP 04/13. i didn't explant bc afraid of loose skin. I measured 450's... READ MORE

Just Downsized Now They Look Like Tennis Balls? (photo)

I didn't realize until I downsized that I should have left mine alone. I went into first surgery unprepared so I thought I'd redo and choose a small implant. My keloid scarring... READ MORE

Mentally Adjusting After Downsizing ...offended PS? (photo)

Downsized w Local after 11mos 450HP-300HP. During past week I so happy then as week progressed I got sad & questioned size w coordinator on phone (bad idea). In yesterdays... READ MORE

How Do PS'a Determine Range? Why Do Such Small Variations Make Such a Big Difference?

I believe my BWD is 11.7 since Mentor 350ccHP was original PS choice. He gave me 300-400 (11.1-12.2) as range. I chose 450/12.9 & looked very globe-like, so downsized to... READ MORE

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Moderate are flat on top not natural ...too wide for thin frame READ COMMENT

Did he dissect above the breast to the clavicle like he did to me? READ COMMENT

What size implant did you choose and what was the range he have you to choose from? READ COMMENT

You look so fabulous. I love your results. Yes booty and boobs have to be equally pretty READ COMMENT

Nope that disappeared but now I wish I'd gone bigger. Perhaps next year :) READ COMMENT