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Diet and Supplements After Fat Graft?

I'm a 28 year old female,I just had fat graft done to my cheeks and lips. I'm wondering how what I ingest influences if the graft will "take". My doctor just... READ MORE

Hard Lumpy Bulge on One Upper Cheek After Fat Transfer?

I'm 7 days after fat transfer, most of the swelling seems to have gone and left side looks natural, but there's a lumpy bulge on my right upper cheek that hasnt changed... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Keep Oneself Looking Young for Very Very Long?

Im 28y old, but ppl tell me I look years younger and I get mistaken for 19 -23 very often. I do however, have some unwanted signs- hollows under my eyes - appeared in the last... READ MORE

Will Teosyal Redensity Lift my Skin & Prepare It for Other Treatments?

It's about Teosyal Redensity-a year ago I had a fat graft done to my cheeks & lip area & it worked on upper cheeks, but a lot seems to have absorbed and im back to... READ MORE

Which is the Safest Filler & Technique for Tear Troughs?

Im 29.I've developed tear troughs within past 1,5 year and want to find out which filler's least likely to cause complications like bumps or bags.Also have minor lower eyelid... READ MORE

Mid Cheek Flat, Face Sag, Tear Troughs, What Procedure Should I Get? (photo)

I need opinions.My face sags.Cheeks are flatter, had a round shape but now mid cheek flattening, falling lip corners, too much in lower area.Which procedure 2 use?I feel its... READ MORE

Impact of Alcohol on Ulthera Effects?

I just had an ultherapy procedure late afternoon but during lunch before Ihad a few drinks after work. Does it affect longterm effects of the procedure? Idont have bruising but... READ MORE

Ulthera Safe One Year Post Fat Graft?

A year ago I had fat transfer done to my cheek and mouth area. A lot of it has reabsorbed but my skin was getting looser so I decided to have Ulthera. I asked my doctor and she... READ MORE

Too Young for Ulthera?

Is 29 too young to get ulthera done? I recently had it but now read its targeted at people from age 35. Can getting it younger be harmful if I already noticed some skin laxity... READ MORE