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Mommy Makeover Aug 3 - FL

After having my daughter later in life I found my body (skin) didn't bounce back as before. Despite running twenty miles a week and working out with weights three times a week -- the extra skin would;t budge. And neither did the tummy pouf. Breasts? Deflated. So after much thought I decided to go ahead and get this done now. Worried about being under GA and what recovery period will be... READ MORE

Questions from Busy45Mom

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose?

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose? READ MORE

I Am Five Days Post Op Full TT and Breast Aug with Lift. Drains Have Little Coming Out. Clogged?

I never had more than 25cc per day even on day one. Have milked but having trouble getting some material out close to site where they exit. Could they be clogged? I had some... READ MORE

I'm Nine Days out from Tummy Tuck with Breast Aug and Lift. But my Abdomen Looks Larger Than Before?

I look so much larger that I can't believe the swelling will account for all of the size increase. What are the odds that moving the muscles to a new location will wind up... READ MORE

When is Muscle Plication Healing Complete?

Tummy tuck. I have been reading a great deal about muscle plication and repair. While it seems that eventually the fascia heals in a certain position so that the plication no... READ MORE

Will Exercise Improve TT Outcomes?

Hello. I had a full TT with muscle repair six weeks ago. Still feel a little "thick" for the side. I'm wondering if, once I'm fully recovered, can work will help tone and... READ MORE

Does Exercise Help Swelling After TT?

I understand that after a TT the odd reconnects and maybe regenerates new lymph channels. My question is, after two months of healing, will exercise help this process along or... READ MORE

Pain After TT Once Numbness Started to Subside?

Hello, and thank you in advance for your help. I started to regain sensation after an uneventful TT about nine weeks post op. at the same time, I feel a pain under the skin on... READ MORE

Lymphatic Drainage and Numbness After Tummy Tuck?

Do the lymphatic channels and nerves regenerate at the same rate after a tummy tuck? Is there a connection between these two? I have swelling 3 months post op but some of the... READ MORE

Loose Skin After TT?

I had a full TT but two months post op there is suddenly lots loose skin in the upper half. I say suddenly but there was some looseness there immediately post-op. A reverse... READ MORE

Does Tazorac Impact Long-term Effects of HA Dermal Fillers Like Restylane and Perlane?

I was wondering whether the use of Tazorac specifically can in any way undo the effects of dermal fillers such as Restylane or Perlane? I haven't seen anything around this in... READ MORE

Discussions started by Busy45Mom

How long do I need someone to take care of me after a mommy makeover?

Hi All.  I am having a mommy makeover soon and was wondering how long I need to plan to have someone around to help me star up, get to the bathroom, etc?  Would it be... READ MORE

High Blood Pressure Tip

Hi -- I couldn't locate the post from the member who had her TT postponed because of high BP.  try dropping all caffeine. I run 20 miles a week and am fit, but my BP was... READ MORE

I look huge eight days after the TT and breast aug. from the side it doesn't look as though I had a TT.

I'm way larger than before and feeling as though swelling iisnot driving all of this "thickness." no seroma or hematoma, muscle rrepair intact. I'm just big.  Can anyone... READ MORE

Did anyone here look four months pregnant a week after mm?

I was trim starting out, no lipo needed. Now I like fine from the front but huge for the side. I can't believe swelling explains all of this. Am wearing binder all the time,... READ MORE

Aquaphor vs A&D Ointment

Hi Ladies. Hope all are healing well and avoiding swelling. I am nine days post op and have been using Aquaphor on my incisions. I am running out, though, and see that A&D... READ MORE

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My sense is, from all I have read, is that immediately post-op is as good to end result you will see for a long time after these due to swelling. It looks great, swells and settles, swells and settles -- it's not a straight curve down... READ COMMENT

It may be swelling. I am coming up on six months now and it's just starting to look great. READ COMMENT

Hi looking. I am not sure where to follow up on this but I think maybe posting a question to the drs on this site might be one place to start. I get the sense plastic surgeons have some training / interest in making sure patients walk... READ COMMENT

I had a full TT but two months post op there is suddenly lots loose skin in the upper half. Dr agrees it's a problem. Has anyone here dealt with this? A reverse tummy tuck seems to be one way to get some improvement but at this... READ COMMENT

I dont always wear mine. At 12 weeks post op still get significant swelling that pushes my midsection out and makes the upper abdominal area look bigger than it is. Wearing the original compression garment takes care of some of this,... READ COMMENT