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Oh, and let's look at your last photo example you have buried there on the bottom of your eyeliner "post op" (your strange choice of words BTW, let's not pretend to be MD's.) Your client looks pretty bruised up, and red all over... READ COMMENT

Big whoop for joining, at least Jeffrey does admit the selling products in "society*: -quote-"But at least they have access to our suppliers and endorsed products, including the latest saline based removal gel, Tattoo Vanish." -end quote- READ COMMENT

Jeffrey , your references are by aestheticians, since I am one - thanks for the compliment! READ COMMENT

Jeffrey, you claim that state licensed aesthecians, well since I am one I can say that your permanent makeup work looks like it was done by a Sharpie. Take a look at his photos. Additionally, anyone can join these self proclaimed... READ COMMENT

Jeffrey, Thanks, but I am not interested in buying SPCP membership nor am I interested in purchasing their "exclusive products." How did you learn how to do women's eyebrows? I wouldn't go to a guy to get beautified. White... READ COMMENT