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I'm good with those cuz they seem to mold to the shape of your breast. Sorry about not finishing that sentence up there. Ha! READ COMMENT

I'm scheduled for a breast lift consult end of August. My doc didn't want to do it at the same time as the explant because of healing issues and the fact that my breasts will change over the next several months. And they have actually... READ COMMENT

You'll be so hapy, Chezz!!! I had no idea that implants would actually make me sag, especially after I had the breast lift. I'd have never, ever gotten them in. Doc suggested them to "round out the top" after the lift. I grew, too. ... READ COMMENT

Follow up: It's been 11 days for me and the only thing I'm feeling are the stitches if I stretch too much. I laid on my stomach yesterday and it felt normal!!!! There's not that fullness on the top, that's about it. I did go down... READ COMMENT

Good luck, Corki. The only thing bothering me today, 3 days out, are the stitches. I have a follow up tomorrow, Monday. READ COMMENT