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Surgery Scheduled May 31st~ BUT FREAKING OUT a Bit! - Omaha, NE

I am totally frakkin out! My reduction mammaplasty + liposuction (near the under armpit area) is scheduled on MAY 31st! I really feel kind of alone in the fact that all i do is look up info about cost, sizes, others' results, wound care, healing and scarring on the net. I dont have alot of... READ MORE

Questions from TaraFF

Breast Reduction in 2 Weeks but I Weigh 200lbs. Please Answer my Question. Thanks (photo)

I weigh 200lbs and i'm getting a reduction in 2 weeks. Going from a FF to a C cup. If i lose 50+ lbs sometime after the surgery, will my breasts get even smaller or look... READ MORE

Smoking and Breast Reduction?

My Breast Reduction + Lipo is scheduled for next week, but i JUST quit smoking (its only 6 days away). Do i HAVE to reschedule?? I really cant afford TO reschedule and i... READ MORE

Restrictions on Lifting Objects After Breast Reduction and Liposuction?

Had Breast Reduction & Lipo Suction May 31st. I was told to miss 2 weeks of work. Well, @ my 2 week appt they said I cant lift over 20lbs for 2 more weeks. My job (Pier1)... READ MORE

Vitamin E Vs. Mederma For Breast Reduction Scars? (photo)

I have been told by others via internet that i should use mederma for my breast reduction scars, (had it done on the 31st of May w/ lipo on my sides) but my doc says Vitamin E... READ MORE

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Thank you :) Ya, she suggested pure Vitamin E. Rub on scars 2 times a day. Never heard of silicone sheets before though. Hmmmm. I slept on my side last night for the first time. It was a little weird and felt a little tight, but i did... READ COMMENT

Sammy~ the swooshing is always there. Especially when i am laying down and i happen to rub my hand across my chest. Its soooo weird, been doing it since yesterday. Wish there was a way I could shower or even WASH MY HAIR! I feel so icky... READ COMMENT

I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS! :) Had my surgery on the 31st and am very sore! My 1st question is WHAT PAINKILLERS ARE YOU GALS' ON?? I just feel like the oxy isnt working that well b/c i am still in some pain and i am ALWAYS SCRATCHING MY BODY... READ COMMENT

Everything went well. I am VERy drugged up right now but i will make sure to get on here tomorrow and properly update with my recovery. info. I am so very swollen and tired and the oxy meds make me itch SOOOOO bad. My mother is taking... READ COMMENT

Surgery went well yesterday, i ALMOST chickened out. I was very scared, but i hung in there (with tears involved LOL)! I am in soooo much pain today! Thank god i have my mother staying with me. These tubes are driving me crazy. I do... READ COMMENT