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Surgery Scheduled May 31st~ BUT FREAKING OUT a Bit! - Omaha, NE

I am totally frakkin out! My reduction mammaplasty + liposuction (near the under armpit area) is scheduled on MAY 31st! I really feel kind of alone in the fact that all i do is look up info about cost, sizes, others' results, wound care, healing and scarring on the net. I dont have alot of paperwork info on the procedure, just the stuff from the doctor about pre op rules and post op rules... READ MORE

Questions from TaraFF

Breast Reduction in 2 Weeks but I Weigh 200lbs. Please Answer my Question. Thanks (photo)

I weigh 200lbs and i'm getting a reduction in 2 weeks. Going from a FF to a C cup. If i lose 50+ lbs sometime after the surgery, will my breasts get even smaller or look... READ MORE

Smoking and Breast Reduction?

My Breast Reduction + Lipo is scheduled for next week, but i JUST quit smoking (its only 6 days away). Do i HAVE to reschedule?? I really cant afford TO reschedule and i... READ MORE

Restrictions on Lifting Objects After Breast Reduction and Liposuction?

Had Breast Reduction & Lipo Suction May 31st. I was told to miss 2 weeks of work. Well, @ my 2 week appt they said I cant lift over 20lbs for 2 more weeks. My job (Pier1)... READ MORE

Vitamin E Vs. Mederma For Breast Reduction Scars? (photo)

I have been told by others via internet that i should use mederma for my breast reduction scars, (had it done on the 31st of May w/ lipo on my sides) but my doc says Vitamin E... READ MORE

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Thank you :) Ya, she suggested pure Vitamin E. Rub on scars 2 times a day. Never heard of silicone sheets before though. Hmmmm. I slept on my side last night for the first time. It was a little weird and felt a little tight, but i did... READ COMMENT

Sammy~ the swooshing is always there. Especially when i am laying down and i happen to rub my hand across my chest. Its soooo weird, been doing it since yesterday. Wish there was a way I could shower or even WASH MY HAIR! I feel so icky... READ COMMENT

I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS! :) Had my surgery on the 31st and am very sore! My 1st question is WHAT PAINKILLERS ARE YOU GALS' ON?? I just feel like the oxy isnt working that well b/c i am still in some pain and i am ALWAYS SCRATCHING MY BODY... READ COMMENT

Everything went well. I am VERy drugged up right now but i will make sure to get on here tomorrow and properly update with my recovery. info. I am so very swollen and tired and the oxy meds make me itch SOOOOO bad. My mother is taking... READ COMMENT

Surgery went well yesterday, i ALMOST chickened out. I was very scared, but i hung in there (with tears involved LOL)! I am in soooo much pain today! Thank god i have my mother staying with me. These tubes are driving me crazy. I do... READ COMMENT