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It is a blood thinner shot that is prescribed to use post of the prevent blood clots. I think they are horribly painful and wish I didn't panic and worry my ps into prescribing them for me! I am curious to know why other ladies are... READ COMMENT

OMG YES, I'm on levonox too and does sting horribly bad!!!!! I had my tt on June 2nd and I've been taking them in my thighs since I came home from the hospital on the 3rd. My thighs are so badly black and blued from all the injections... READ COMMENT

Best of luck Drea30 you're going to do great! READ COMMENT

Thanks freefallwife and cougar 41, I'm really getting excited now and my chair just got delivered. I spent about 30 minutes scrubbing it down and I can't bear to think of who was in it before me lol!. Btw, I meant to say Hate before... READ COMMENT

As I sit here reading, I'm waiting for my automatic lift chair/recliner that I rented for a month. The reality of the chair coming into my house is making me nervous! I am however very excited to finally have the tummy I used to have... READ COMMENT