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Possible Long-term Effects from Arcus Marginalis Release?

It just seems like cutting that muscle may contribute to facial sagging in the future or something awful, since it's a muscle in your face. What are any possible long term... READ MORE

Does the Arcus Marginalis Repair Itself if Cut During Fat Injections?

If a doctor is performing fat injections in, through, and around the arcus and he is partially disconnecting it (not cutting) in the process, even if in a minor way, will this... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have Scars After Fat Injections?

How common is it that the cannula used for facial fat grafting/injections leaves a scar? I know there are 10-20 points of injection commonly used for the entire face and I... READ MORE

Roof of Mouth Sensitive over a Year After Gum Grafting?

My concern is that to this day I have extreme sensitivity on the roof of my mouth where the tissue was taken from for the grafting around my 2 molars – and it’s been over a yea... READ MORE

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To Southern Cal Fan: Do you mind if I speak with you personally about your experience with Dr L? I had a consult with him and would love to talk with an actual patient. READ COMMENT