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Acne Breakout After Laser Resurface Might Be Caused by Wrong Post-treatment Care?

Hello, I had a laser resurface which brought great results for two weeks. After that I had a horrible breakout of acne. Is it possible it was due to wrong post treatment care?... READ MORE

Can Infection Affect Post-laser Recovery?

Hi, I took co2 laser resurface treatment few months ago. After first session results were very good, however after 3 weeks Acne came back. Doctor said it's quite normal and... READ MORE

How to Deal with Dead Debris After Laser Resurface?

Hi, I've read that dead debris may accumulate on skin and lead to acne break-out after laser resurface. Is it very serious problem? If so my question is, when and how to deal... READ MORE

Problems with Deep Acne/blackheads. How To Get Rid Of Them?

Hello, how to treat deep or even VERY DEEP blackheads? Ones that don't want to fade away or get out (I'm not trying to pick them up, but even if I would do it,it wouldn't work)... READ MORE

Why Keeping Face Moist is So Important After Laser?

Hi. I would like to learn why keeping face moist is so important after heavy laser treatments (how does it work)? What if skin is not kept moist? It doesn't recover properly or... READ MORE

How Permanent Are Co2 Laser Effects on Scars?

Hello, I'm curious, are effects achieved by fractional co2 laser treatment are permanent? I'm aware that time does it's job for skin quality but how about acne scars that faded... READ MORE

Tendency for Allerges and Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

Hello, How does situation look like for someone with tendency for allergies, who wants to heal his acne scars with co2 laser? Is laser safe for someone like that? If so, what... READ MORE

Reducing Long Term Redness Caused by Laser?

Hi, What can be done to improve redness left by two, very strong, laser resurfacing treatments? Last treatment was done 7 months ago but it is clearly visible where laser was... READ MORE

Identifying Adult Acne Cause?

Dear Doctors, I'm a 23 yrs old man. Since puberty I'm suffering from acne. In my case this are very deep pots under skin (impossible to pick up even if I would try).... READ MORE

Treating Discolorations Without Treating Scars?

Hello. Is it possible to heal discolorations created by acne without treating scars? Co2 laser I underwent to 6 months ago, didn't helped me with scars and made my... READ MORE

Mechanical Dermabrasion when Laser Didn't Worked?

Hello. I had done two, very strong Co2 Laser Resurfacing treatments to improve post-acne scars on my face (cheeks especially). It was done 6 months ago, unfortunatelly till... READ MORE

Period of Time Between Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

Dear Doctors, Does frequency of co2 fractional laser treatments matter? Does it make a difference (in results) if treatments are done every 6 weeks or every 6 months? If so,... READ MORE

Appearance of Scars in the Morning?

Dear Doctors, Can someone explain to me how does it happen that my acne scars are almost invissible in the morning, just after I get up from the bed but during the next hours... READ MORE

How Permanent Laser Effects Are?

Hello. Dear Doctors, tell me please, does fractional (ablative) co2 laser remove scars (from acne in my case) permanently? I'm asking because I've heard that it's impossible to... READ MORE

Does Dermabrasion or Any Other Procedure Have Potential to "Remove" Scars Permanently?

Hi. If fractional co2 laser doesn't remove acne scars permanently, does any other procedure do? Maybe dermabrasion or older ablative lasers (those doing aggressive removal of... READ MORE

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Hey! How's things? Would You mind updating with pictures? I'm interested how does the progress look like. All the best! READ COMMENT

Hey. How are You? How is Your regeneration going? Anything new worth mentioning? READ COMMENT

Well, thanks for response. I'm sure You will see constant improvement, although let's be clear, You look simply... beautiful. READ COMMENT

Did You used anything to get rid of discolorations? Because looking on Your picture with dog I would say You look amazing. Not only I can't notice any scars or discoloration marks, I just can't stop looking into Your Eyes. You look so... READ COMMENT